a while back i think u mentioned that u use Flameout.
i just read something that says it is good for joint pain.
i been taking fish oil and the “joint free” chondroitin formula.
would Flameout be a better choice for this?
and while you’re at it, are there any other supps you might recommend?
i would imagine that they would all be ok with Indigo, Anaconda, and MAG-10.
i do not take any of the speedy stuff anymore. i get to jittery.
ao far, Carbolin 19, Rhodiola, Alpha Male, Curcumin, and Flameout, seem interesting

Flameout is very concentrated and more powerful than most any other fish oil out there, plus there’s other good stuff in there, like CLA. You can read all the details at the store and compare the label to what you’re using:

You can still take the chondroitin formula if you find it works well for you.

Indigo, Anaconda, and MAG-10 are the core really. If you have other issues, like poor sleep, then Z-12 and ZMA are great. Curcumin is great stuff, and I think you could benefit from it. If you have low-normal test, then Alpha Male will do the trick. Rhodiola is great in times of stress or illness.

All that said, focus on those core items - Indigo and workout nutrition - and you’ll get the results you want.

the chondroitin ive used for a long time. it doesnt really do much for me anymore.
i always have some kinda pain in my elbows and knees. shoulder and back are muscular pains.
i used to take 600mg ibuprophen before i worked out. that worked great, til i found that because i wasnt feeling pain, i would end up injuring something else. so i stopped doing that. now i take ibuprophen sometimes when im in lots of pain after i train.
i dont sleep very well, i believe that’s the prostate thing. getting up to use the bathroom. otherwise thunder storms dont wake me up.
what’s the curcumin for? muscle soreness.
yep. i could use that i think. i read all this stuff about doms. i almost never feel sore the day i train. it’s always the next day. been like that forever. maybe this stuff could help?

rhodiola. coulda used that this past few days with the flu. antibiotics did the trick there.
stress. my kids. small kids, small problems. big kids, big problems. i have 3 daughters, 29, 22, 15. they made me learn how to deal with stress.
you wonder why i drank so much beer when i came home from work… lol

Here’s all the info on curcumin. Good stuff.

great. i gotta order some more mag and indi, so i think i’ll add

how does that sound?
now i havent read all the labels, but, i’m guess there’s no conflict with the indigo/peri i’m currently doing.

Those all sound fine; all fine to take with Indigo too.

hi chris.
ok, a guy that does lift/ train, and wants to lose fat.
obviuosly we know whats the BEST. but we need other options, maybe cause of money.
so what do u say to this order of possibilities

1 no wheat
2 indi
3 peri
4 indi and peri
in other words from minimum he can do to best he can do

Well, it’s free to not eat wheat. So that’s easy enough once you learn a few substitutions.

Peri-workout and Indigo are the two biggest “high impact” supplements I’ve ever seen. Maybe have him start with peri-workout and cleaning up diet, then later he move to Indigo. Indigo is my favorite all-time supplement, but we want to make sure he’s all in and dead serious about making some changes before making the investment.

i told him to do his research on the web, and if he wanted , iwould give him some of mine to give it a test drive.
oh, and , should somone increase their carb intake even if they dont use Indigo-3G?

on another note.
when u get some time, can u take a look at my log.
aside from the occassional alchohol. if you have any other suggestions, i’d like to hear them.

Carbs are tricky. Some need to do a strict low carb diet for several weeks to sort of kick the carb habit and drop some fat fast. But many can just drop wheat and get the same effects since wheat causing cravings and inflammation and overeating. I’d suggest starting with dropping wheat first.

thanks a million. im gonna tell him to read this forum.
and thanks for the notes.
i wanna know who the chef is?
and who does the baking?

they look great. im so hungry now, im gonna go eat… i wish. i have nothing left that i will eat but the cashews. and i dont feel like getting some steaks out the freezer and grilling them. maybe il have one of Chris’s magical ideas. A shake! Aha!
they are really filling. i use 2 scoops most of the time.

i didnt know buckwheat was ok. i thought the name was "wheat"
im gonna have to go do some shopping in fairway (market similar to whole foods)
so the idea is basically stay away from wheat. quinoa, corn, almond, coconut, rice
oils, olive, coconut
? sesame, peanut, corn, oils
canola is a nono. im guessing my home fries this morning were in that crapy oil stuff. they really didnt taste good.
does that happen? you start to lose taste for the crappy foods?

thanks again

Yes, despite the name, buckwheat isn’t wheat; it’s botanically more of a berry. Healthy stuff, no drawbacks. Quinoa is good too. I get it flaked and it’s a lot like Cream of Wheat in taste and texture. I mix Metabolic Drive into for flavoring and extra protein.

Corn should general be avoided, except in whole form or off the cob. You don’t want a lot of corn starch in food ingredient lists.

Coconut oil is best for cooking, frying etc. Olive oil is best raw over salads or hummus. Avoid most other oils: vegetable, peanut, corn etc. Sesame is okay in smaller amounts. Dr. Jonny Bowden has a nice list in his book “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth.” Great reference book. He has some articles in our archives too with info on why canola oil is bad news.

Yes, you do start to lose the taste for crappy foods. This is multi-layered. Part of it is psychological, habit etc, and part is physiological: actual addiction messing with your brain. Takes about a week to withdrawal physically from wheat. Milk can have the same effect because there’s a component in there designed to get the baby cow “addicted” to mother’s milk. Makes humans overeat and have cravings. Habit-wise, mentally it takes roughly 21 days to break a habit and replace it with something healthier.

? regarding when to take the following supps.
i train first thing in am. MAG-10, Indigo-3G, coffee,
40 min later Anaconda and lifting.
i generally like to take supps, either pre or post. it makes it easier
Curcumin, for soreness…twice a day. please suggest the "whens"
Flameout, for joints… 4 per day… when?
Alpha Male, test booster…1 in the am, 1 six hours later. so i presume 1 pre workout, 1 with last Indigo-3G dose?


Curcumin: No specific rules here, whenever is good for you.

Flameout: I prefer to take mine with dinner. You don’t want to take it around your peri-workout supps because that could “slow them down” so to speak.

Alpha Male: That would be fine.

domcib, Sorry to but in on your topic, but I’ve read through it and have a related question for Chris.

Chris, You say that you take your dose of Flameout all at once with dinner. I have been taking mine spread out with my solid meals through out the day. Is it recommended to take it all at once or can it be spread out through out the day? Also, if I am taking FA3, how does that fit in as well?

@Pitbull78. Either way is fine when it comes to Flameout.

For FA3, take 4 softgels two or three times per day, preferably with a protein shake or food.

[quote]Pitbull78 wrote:
domcib, Sorry to but in on your topic, but I’ve read through it and have a related question for Chris.

Chris, You say that you take your dose of Flameout all at once with dinner. I have been taking mine spread out with my solid meals through out the day. Is it recommended to take it all at once or can it be spread out through out the day? Also, if I am taking FA3, how does that fit in as well?
no problemo
that what they are here for

Thank You!

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