Flameout v. Curcumin

Which is better, or do they perform through different pathways in the body?

Both work via different and complementary pathways.

Both products share one thing in common though: they have positive effects on so many health markers that I feel that these are the two supplements that everybody (even those who don’t train) should use.

Omega-3 fatty acids (Flameout) have a positive effect on pretty much everything you can think of… really! Don’t believe me? Go to either pubmed or google scholar (web search engine for all the scientific studies published) and type ANY illness, medical condition or health marker and omega-3 fatty acids and you will find several studies showing a beneficial effect.

Curcumin has not be researched for as long but the body of research is already pilling up.

I believe that whole body inflammation (inflammation doesn’t just affect the muscles/joints, it affects every tissue in the body) is one of the root problems of most physical problems including health issues (high blood pressure and insulin resistance for example) but also body composition issues (systemic inflammation makes every body process less efficient, including mobilizing/using fat and protein synthesis/building muscle).

The more you can work on systemic inflammation the better your body will work.

Which is why Flameout, Curcumin and Indigo-3G have an amazing potential not just to transform your body but to make it healthier and more functional.

I’m using Indigo-3G and Flameout with great results.
Should I add Curcumin too o?

I totally agree with Christian’s response. I personally believe much of the health ailments facing us are attributable to inflammation in the the body. Curcumin seems to work synergistically with the ingestion of fat, hence the reason I take it with Flameout. Sugar is a major inflammation culprit, thus the reason for Indigo-3G.

In regards to joint inflammation, Curcumin, Flameout and Indigo-3G all helped me significantly more than the so-called joint health supplements - glucosamine, chondroitin, msm, etc.

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