Flameout Taken without a Meal

Just began taking Flameout and would like to know if it must be taken only with meals or can I take it on empty stomach without diminishing availability? I’m an intermittent faster so I go without breakfast and I have a later lunch. So, it’s difficult to get my 4 capsules a day if it must be taken only with meals.

Are you trying to spread out the four capsules? I’d opt for just taking all four capsules with lunch, if possible.

I take my four Flameout capsules with dinner or my late snack.

Like the label says, it’s bests taken with meals. I believe that’s partly to help overall absorption (like how fat-soluble vitamins [like D] are best taken with meals) and also to further help cut down on any chance of fish-burps. Flameout is distilled and emulsified, but having them on an empty stomach can still be too much for some people with very sensitive stomachs.

Like SBT said though, just pop all 4 at once with your lunch and you should be all set.

FWIW, this is pretty much what I do, too. I don’t eat for the first 4 or 5-ish hours of the day, have lunch/very-late-breakfast, train in the late afternoon with a workout drink, then have dinner. I take most of my supps with the first meal of the day.

Yes, I was spreading them out. 1 capsule with each meal/snack. Guess it never clicked just to double up or go all at once. Too simple an idea for me, lol.

Thank you

We’ve all been there at least once. Some of us are regulars.

You’re welcome!

Here’s a good article that explains why it’s important to take Flameout with your fattiest meal of the day: A Crucial Fish Oil Mistake | T NATION

Great info, thank you! Like the author, I’ve been doing it wrong too. That helps a lot.

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