Flameout Storage?

I personally prefer FLAMEOUT over other brands but do to the fact that it says it needs to be stored in the fridge I can only use it half the year. I work in the Arctic circle for 3 weeks at a time and don’t have a fridge readily available. So FLAMEOUT stays at home and my other brand travels with me. Is it absolutely necessary to store in the fridge?


Yes… if only there was someplace cold in the Arctic circle where you could store the fish oil. :wink:

But yeah, they really should be refrigerated once they’re opened to keep them from spoiling. It is fish oil, after all, and may start oxidizing if kept at a warmer temperature. Some people actually keep them in the freezer, so that might be an option too.

Hahaha I knew that was coming, I’m right next to the Beaufort sea and would hate for a polar bear to get ahold of my stash. I’ll keep it in the community fridge and hope no one helps themselves to it. Thanks for the reply!

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