Flameout Replacement

A buddy and I are planing to start the V-Diet early june, the only hitch we’ve come across so far is that the T-Nation store is out of Flameout. We don’t want to post pone (Hawaii in July), any suggestions for replacements or people we could steal Flameout from?



Flameout is just fish oil, with some CLA added. Regular fish oil would work, but be prepared to swallow like 20 caps a day; Flameout is very concentrated.

Buy a bottle, and take it by the spoonful.

Any fish oil will do. The only problem I could forsee on the V-Diet is too many calories coming from fish oil to get the equivalent EPA and DHA.

Sweet, that’s what I was banking on; just wanted confirmation. sales a very good high concentration fishoil that is comperable w/o the CLA of course.

Could one add a serving of CLA to replace of the servings of fish oil? Granted that one is taking fish oil gel caps? I am in the same boat My Flameout order is on back order.

[quote]thomas.galvin wrote:
Flameout is very concentrated.[/quote]

Bit of an understatement…


I’m a little late in replying here… but I’ve had the same problem. I was going for a June 1 start, but my Flameout was backordered. I was able to do some googling and find it through a different supplier (even amazon stocks some). i bought 1 bottle from them so I can start on time and am hoping Biotest restocks again in time (and I get my backorder…) so that I don’t need to buy a second bottle.

Like many have said, Flameout is very concentrated and it may take many many pills to get the right ratios and this may mess with your calories levels. I’d suggest doing what I did and getting the Flameout.

I use Cod Liver Oil instead, have been using that for 5+ years.

1 tablespoon a day. Get extra vitamin A and D at the same time.

Cod Liver Oil really is a superfood. :slight_smile:

I don’t think fish oil is essential to the V-Diet. I did it twice over a couple of years and didn’t notice a difference when I used Flameout vs when I didn’t.

That being said, if you’re looking to keep up with the omega-3 benefits, Carlson Laboratories has really great fish oil.

Just for the record:

Flameout supplement facts states that four (4) softgels contain 2200mg DHA, and 880mg EPA.

Per softgel, thats 550/220

Nature’s Bounty (from Walmart) is
180/120 (no CLA).

Trader Darwins Molecularly Distilled from
Trader Joe’s is 400/200 (no CLA).

Carlson’s Super Omega-3 has 300/200 (no CLA).

This is driving me nuts, it’s been backordered for what feels like months now. I exhausted my supply last week and I’m feeling desperate. Put in my order for four bottles about 2 weeks ago, just gotta wait for it to come off of backorder :frowning:

Looks like I’ll have to try the Trader Darwin’s in meantime since it’s ratio seems closest to Flameout (minus CLA)

I got some Flameout off of Amazon last week. Flameout is not just any old fish oil. You need it believe me. To say it isn’t essential to the V-Diet is wrong. When you compare it to other EFAs there is just NO comparison!

off to amazon

I got my doctor (MD) to prescribe pharmaceutical grade fish oil caps. Insurance paid.

I usually hate doctors but I finally found one with a brain. Shocking! He even really ripped into the pharmaceutical scumbags. Wow!!!

here’s a link for a strongly concentrated and cheap cla to compliment the fish oil:

Use MRM Smartblend. For the most part it is similar to Flameout (the EPA / DHA ratio is closer to 1:1), and contains similar amounts of CLA, and also has GLA added.

[quote]Dustyluv wrote:
I got some Flameout off of Amazon last week. Flameout is not just any old fish oil. You need it believe me. To say it isn’t essential to the V-Diet is wrong. When you compare it to other EFAs there is just NO comparison![/quote]

There are plenty of comparisons; just not as cool of a company, mag, or community behind them.

Carlson’s Laboratories Super DHA

1 Softgel/

500 DHA
100 EPA


I use TwinLabs CLA fuel to round it out.

Still not Flameout but the closest I can find while backordered. At your local VitaminShoppe.

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