Flameout Refrigerated and Curcumin

My main question is how long can an open bottle of Flameout sit in a fridge before it goes bad?
I am constantly traveling, so I have a very hard time creating a habit of taking Circumin and Flameout.
I was working out, feeling great and taking my Flameout and Circumin regularly before I had to leave the country for a month. I came back and stopped taking them and I’ve had half a bottle of Flameout sitting in the fridge since before October. In a dark cabinet, a half empty bottle of Circumin sits unfinished for the same amount of time.
Since then, I’ve been gone for several week long trips.

I know the discussion is settled on unrefrigerated fish oil, but what about an open bottle that has been sitting in the fridge for a month or even several? Should I throw the rest out and just get a new bottle? Is my Circumin ok?

I plan on getting another bottle anyway, but what happens when I have to leave again? How long can an open bottle of Flameout sit in a fridge before it goes bad?

A few months of proper storage (which it sounds like it was) is no problem at all. They should both be fine.

A long time. No worries. There should be an expiration date somewhere on the bottle. I just checked the almost-empty Flameout that’s been in my fridge for well-over a month. It says Dec 2016. You’re fine.

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