Flameout Fat Loss is Misunderstood


I think fish oil is getting credit for CLA’s fat burning activity…

some coaches up here recomend 30 grams of fish oil for fat loss…

but I think they are using Flameout (fish oil & CLA) and have mistakenly credited fish oil in their minds for CLA’s fat burning…

I say this because I have used both separately and fish oil does not burn fat very noticeably…

however CLA at 7-10 grams a day burns off 10 pounds of fat in 2-3 weeks before your body catches on…

CLA = Fish Oil x 10


yo Shugart


Increased amounts of fish oil can drastically improve insulin sensitivity, which in turn can lead to fat loss, and that doesn’t mean only Flameout, that refers to all fish oil.



I agree with LR.

Good news either way. Fish oil alone is awesome. Flameout with the CLA addition is even awesomer.*

  • I have an English degree. I can make up words. It’s in the fine print.


I still have to say though that CLA knocks fish oil out…


Maybe, but here’s the thing: no one really takes fish oil JUST for fat loss. It has hundreds of benefits. I covered some of them here:


cool…I knew its anti-inflammation and insulin sensitivty and structural/nervous system requirments…but that’s a good link for people if they click on this topic…

but maybe I am just a huge CLA fan though:

the frst time I took CLA I went from 212 pounds to 203 pounds in a few weeks and got bigger shoulders (on 7-10 grams per day)…

and about every 6 months it delivers the same results for three years now…

for fat loss CLA at 7-10 grams per day is a miracle…

(not that fish oil isn’t statistically significant though)


Awesome. How’s the V-Diet going?