Flameout Dosage

Hey Chris,

I’ve been using one dose (4 caps) of Flameout per day – purely as an academic exercise (and not to mention the health benefits of fish oil), I am debating upping this to two doses per day. Do you think doing this for say, a month, would be beneficial (particularly for someone who never got enough omegas in his diet) or is this overkill? Thoughts?

<a href=""target=“new”>Flameout is highly concentrated and contains the purest fatty acids available, so mega-dosing for a long period of time is generally not necessary (at least not up to Poliquin levels of mega-dosing, which could make one susceptible to easy bleeding.) If, however, you have some symptoms like very, very dry skin or achy joints, then just double dosing for a month should be fine.

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