Flameout and FA3 Questions


Ok so I’m embarrassed to ask, because it proves how ignorant I am to all this knowledge you guys have, anyways

I’m in the transition phase of the V-Diet and still taking the Flameout of course, I stopped taking the milled flax, I think it bloated me and I think it’s due to a inherited diverticulitis issue we have in our family and the seeds or any nuts makes your intestine inflamed, anyways the bloating went away once I quit, so I was looking at the FA3 to replace the flax, does this make good sense to do or is this necessary?

I do want to keep improving my body composition. Which leads me to question 2; on the label of FA3 is says something about increasing testosterone production and maybe decreasing estrogen if I read that right, is this something that’s healthy for women?

I guess I don’t understand this concept, I had a hysterectomy and they told me I needed my ovaries for estrogen production as to prevent me from going into early menopause, Can you explain all this for me? Are the girls who do figure contests trying to decrease their estrogen? I know I don’t have a clue, Thanks for all your answers.

  1. Yes, in fact I’d like to get rid of the flax seed and add FA3 in future versions of the V-Diet.

  2. Yes, that’s a great thing for women. But keep in mind, it’s just healthy fats, not a steroid or anything. Healthy fats leads to healthy, optimally functioning hormones, no matter if you’re male or female.


Thanks Chris, in the FA3 description, it says something about taking the right amount for your body weight, but there’s nothing on the label about that, the regular dosage I beleive is 4 capsules a day I’m 134lbs, is this about right for my weight?
Thanks again!


What I do with FA3 is use it when I’m not cooking with olive oil or coconut oil. So I may take a small dose (4 per day) on days when I’m cooking with good fats, and use more (say, 8 or so) on says when I’m not naturally getting many good fats from solid foods.