Flameout and Curcumin Work!


I started taking this combo a few months ago hoping it would my knee pain that developed. Oddly enough it did! I was actually somewhat skeptical and though maybe it was an odd coincidence and not due to the supps. BUT- I ran out about a week ago and keep forgetting to order more and guess what— my knees are killing me again! I guess it was helping! Back to order more! Thanks again for great products!


Awesome, thanks of the feedback!

Cool part is, both <a href=""target=“new”>Flameout and <a href=""target=“new”>Curcumin have great health benefits, even if you aren’t currently banged up. Great staples.


two things I never run out of. Take 4 of each every day, they are life savers when it comes to minor training-related inflammation injuries. They are also awesome for your health.