Flaco's V-Diet Log

OK here we go. 1st I have a few questions related to the training - maybe someone can help me out? Today I finished the Intermedite work out in approx 13 minutes. Here was my sets/reps/weight:

Front Squat 70 lbs. plus the bar. 3 sets 9-6-5
Lat pulldown 120 lbs. 2 sets 10-10
DB Bench Press 50 lb. DB. 2 sets 10-10
Ab-wheel rollout. 3 sets. 8-6-6

I guess it seemed too fast? Should I have had more sets? Does the fact that I finished 2 of the 4 exercises in only 2 sets mean I’m going too light? I don’t want to sacrafice form or risk an injury by going too heavy.

While my pictures (next post) don’t show it, I’ve been lifting fairly regularly for the past several years.

Sorry if this type of question has been asked before. I did not see an answer when scanning the FAQ’s.

I’m off to bed. I was up until 12 last night and I get up at 5:10 to go to the gym. But I did promise myself I’d take and post pix & measurements:

209 lbs.
28% BF (Tanita)
Waist at the largest 45"

I’m off to bed. I was up until 12 last night and I get up at 5:10 to go to the gym. But I did promise myself I’d take and post pix & measurements:

209 lbs.
28% BF (Tanita)
Waist at the largest 45"

You probably are using weight that is too light–For this w/o, you need to choose a weight that is heavy enough for you to just manage 4-5 reps the first set, and continue to grind out as many sets as need to reach 20 reps per exercise. The way I read the first intermediate workout is as follows

Total reps: 20 per exercise
Rest: 30 seconds between each set
Load: Heavy (4-5 RM) <-------- Here is your rep indication

A Front Squat
B Chin-up or Lat pulldown â?? underhand grip
C Dumbbell Bench Press
D Ab-Wheel Rollout

So you might have a set of front squats that looks like
5 reps, 5 reps, 4 reps, 3 reps, 3 reps or 5, 5, 5, 5

Welcome aboard Flaco!! Looking forward to reading about your progress.

As far as the workouts, I did the same workout today and my weight amounts are the same as yours, except for the db presses, I used 42.5’s.

I ended up doing 5 sets of 4 reps each. I think you need to go heavier. I usually do a general 5 minute warmup on the rowing machine, then go into my workout.

Question, how did you get your pictures in one collage-looking clip? thanks and again welcome!

FGG - Thanks. I kind of thought
I was going too light. I will def make adjustments. Not gonna beat myself up over the 1st workout.

sydnisd183 - The program is IrFanView (and it’s free) Choose image then choose create panorama image.

More about me tomorrow. My “why”, my goals and how I got to where I am.

Day 2 of the shakes and I’m feeling fine!

Welcome aboard! Glad to have you here.

I know most people have started on a Monday but that didn’t work out for me so today is actually day 3. I’m doing just fine with the no “food”, although I do admit I miss chewing - picked up some SF gum to alleviate that craving.

I went for my NEPA at lunch today. I work in Times Square so it’s great to get out and walk & people watch. Funny how when you are embarking on a transformation, body types become glaringly obvious to you. At least for me. I notice fat, skinny, smokers, fit bodies - male & female, etc. Some you want to emulate - others you can’t run away from fast enough. Some I curse because I think they are genetically perfect. Then I say to myself - you have no idea what they may have gone through to get in that shape. For others it’s simple. I know a guy who eats McDonalds all week and he looks great. His insides might be a mess though. So I guess it’s true to never judge a book by its cover.

Back to the NEPA - it’s oppressively hot and humid in NYC today. The kind of day that fat people hate because you get all sweaty and your shirt sticks to your body so as you walk down the street youâ??re constantly pulling at the collar. Just an observation - but one I can totally relate to because that person is me.

I’ll post my day 2 workout tonight (workout log is home) and review for tomorrow before I hit the gym at 5:30 am.

I also plan to post my goals. I see a lot of you have posted all your measurements. In the interest of time I just did my waist but I suppose I should measure the rest. While I anticipate (as in the past) most of the fat dropping off of my belly - there will be changes all around!

It sounds like you’re going along nicely. I’ve done my NEPA walks outside and it’s hot/humid in Houston as well and it sucks, but at the same time I feel like i’m working a little harder than I would be walking on a treadmill. I like the treadmill too, (yay for A/C) but I also like the people watching aspect of being outside.

Thanks for the panoramic picture link. That really helped. This whole posting pics thing has been a nightmare to me but I just do the best I can with what I have.

Are you doing weight/measurements every week, or at the halfway/end points? I did the halfway point thing. Guys tend to lose more weight faster than women and it would kill me to see only 1 lb. or something after a whole week of shakes, gallon of water daily and V Burn challenge haha

1st & foremost - this whole V-Diet concept is challenging for just about anybody under normal “life circumstances”. Throw into the mix 2 small children (ages 5 & 2.5) along with a pregnant wife due in 3 weeks and it’s even more challenging! No, I’m not looking for any pity as pity parties are what got me to where I’m at physically, and besides I know there are others who are even under crazier circumstances than I - but rather a few atta-boys at the FINISH LINE would be great.

I love the social concept of the internet - as long as it is being used for good and not evil :wink:

So here are my last 2 workouts:

WO#2 - Intermediate

Reverse Lunge - 40 lbs. (20 lb DB in each hand) 10-10-10-10
Bent Over Row - 50 lb barbell 10-10-10-10
Push Press - 50 lb. barbell 10-10-10-10
Barbell Curl 50 lb. 15-15-10
Reverse Crunch (slant board) 10-10-10-10

WO#3 - Intermediate

Dead lift - 80 lb. barbell - 8-8-8-8-8
Decline DB Bench Press - 100 lbs. (50 lb DB in each hand) 10-10-8-6-6
Lat Pull down - 110 lbs. 10-10-8-6-6
Hand walk out (knees) 10-10-10-10

I can definitely see that I need to increase my weights as I should not be cranking out 10 reps in the 1st set.

I know the program does not endorse running however I am scheduled to run a 5k tomorrow. I was registered long before I found out about this diet and I have a team of people I race with. Other than this scheduled event I will lay off the runs and stick with NEPA.

This was a very challenging yet rewarding weekend. As most of us already know, weekends can be most difficult when trying to follow a diet plan, especially one a strict as this. As noted, I have 2 small children under the age of 6 and my wife is due with our 3rd child in less than 3 weeks.

Try explaining to your 5 year old why you are not eating dinner but you are having a shake at every meal â?? without saying â??Girls, your daddy is fat. He looks horrible with his shirt off. He is concerned that unless he makes a change NOW he wont either have the energy to chase, run and play with you as you so deserve or God forbid live long enough to watch you grow up.

He loves you and your little sister so much and fears that since he is your predominant male role model as you grow in life you may settle for some lazy, lethargic, fat tub of shit as your partner in life. You & you mom and the little baby inside her deserve better of me. â??

MEN, If you are a parent to a little girl, you know exactly what I mean.

So suffice to say I simply say that â??Daddy is getting stronger and this is only for a few weeks.â?? I then let them taste a sip of the shake and they happily trot off to the playroom.

BTW â?? I am not being a martyr (I read this in another blog post). I still sit with my family for dinner at night and if the kids want a bit more to eat I will get it for them. Iâ??ll prepare dinner as Iâ??m not a puss who wonâ??t â??touchâ?? food. I have a tremendous amount of responsibility in my house and everyone needs my â??Aâ?? game right now.

So back to the weekend â?? my time for the 5k was 30:59. Way slower than last year but I have not been training and I also am at least 10 lbs heavier than I was last July. I finished without stopping so that in itself was an achievement. Saturday night was my HSM.

Baked Salmon from Norway with fresh dill and lemon. 1 pan seared scallop (in EVOO) with sea salt and spices. Baked yam fries and steamed broccoli with lemon. Some fresh sun brewed iced tea sweetened with Stevia. I was in heaven. I truly appreciated the food, savoring every bite. Hereâ??s a picture. It was just TOO good not to share.

Sunday was the V-Burn challenge. I complete the circuit in 33:11. Holy shit was I sucking wind but man was it AWESOME.

I increased the intensity of my workout this morning â?? upping the weights from last week, but being careful not too sacrifice form.

So here I am, wrapping up day 7 (nearly 25% complete) and not one slip.

My goal for the 28 days is to lose 4 lbs of fat per week. So by the end of Phase 1 I will weigh 191 lbs.

Congrats on one week down.

Your HSM looks yummy.

I know how you feel about the food. As long as I have my shake it doesn’t bother me at all to make food for others or be around it. Its only an issue if I’m waaaay overdue for a shake. Right now I’m making icecream with carmel sauce for my husband 2-3 times a day because of his throat. You still have to take care of the people in your life.

And its good to have such a loving and supportive family who is on board with your choices. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum there with boyfriends who try to sabatoge your diets, to a loving and supporting husband who is behind me 100%.

Thanks Verti-gal. Yup, Days 1-7…I own you. Day 8 and going strong.

Support is key. Just last night my wife and I were up making baggies for the next 2 weeks. I need to be prepared in case she goes into labor. This way I just grab a couple of brown bags and off to the hospital we go. No excuses, right?

Wow flaco, SERIOUS dedication. You are gonna destroy the next few weeks with that mindset. keep it up bro, Ill be tracking your progress, itll help keep me motivated with my own.

Thanks dshroy. I guess after years of yo-yo’ing it only makes send to throw yourself in 100%, otherwise what’s the point?

so true, i always made excuses for the yo yo diets, saying i was trying to get bigger and it didnt matter how i did it , and that only worked until i was disgusted by what i saw in the mirror. and my wrestling background set a horrible foundation for dieting, which for me was basically 2 plus hours in the gym followed by the starvation diet. no we are learning the right way to do it and the progress is apparent. once again your mindset to this is inspiring, keep at it!

Thanks for the positive feedback. What’s great about these forums is that the people here “get it”. I hate to refer to others as “outsiders” (I don’t want to sound like an extremeist) but IMO it’s true. We’re here for a purpose.

28 days will pass either way. Whether we’re in or not.

I wanted to quickly post my last 2 work out logs. If anyone has any suggestions or pointers I’m all ears (or all eyes I guess).

Workout #5 7.20.09 (Intermediate)

a. Front Squat (90 lbs. + the weight of the barbell) 5-5-4-3-3
b. Lat Pull down (underhand) (150 lbs.) 5-5-4-3-3
c. DB Bench Press (60 lb. DB’s) 6-5-4-3-2
d. Ab Wheel Roll out 6-6-4-4

My observations:

a. I may try using the cage for front squats to keep proper form. Anyone doing that?
b. 135 was too light on set #1 so I did 150. Again, I need OT watch my form.
c. This is the right weight right now. Awesome exercise! Great burn.
d. I used a knee pad (since I have shitty knees already) and this allowed for greater intensity and ROM.

Workout #6 7.22.09 (Intermediate)

a. Step Up - 8(35 lb. db’s) 8(40 lb. db’s) 8(40 lb. db’s) 8(50 lb. db’s) 8(50 lb. db’s)
b. Bent over Row (barbell) 70 lbs. 8-8-8-8-8
c. Push Press (barbell) 60 lbs. 8-8-8-8-8
d. Barbell Curl 60 lbs. 8-8-8-8-8
e. Reverse Crunch (slant board) 8-8-8-8-8

My observations:

a. this was a little f*d up today. I began with too light a weight and increased twice. I got a good burn but still think I fouled this up a bit.
b. Looks like 8 was the magic number today.
c. Same as above.
d. This was an increase over last week. I have always had a tendency to shy away from heavier weights with curls. No idea why.
e. These were great. Full ROM and good burn.

I will weigh myself tonight and take my waist measurement. I will say this - my pants fit better already so I’m definitely moving in the right direction.

Have a great day everyone!

Yay for your pants fitting better. Can’t wait to see pics and measurements.

If you can do all 8’s you probably need to go heavier.

thx for the update flaco, good progress. I cant speak for anyone else, but in my own experience, when I stray from following exactly what a program outlines, I dont get optimal results. It may sound fake or something, but its not, i am a stubborn mofo, and I have to do things all the wrong way before i do it the right way.

I picked too light a weight for 2 of the exercises in my first workout, and I think stealth did too, so i did what he did, and just counted that first set of 8 or whatever as a warmup set, rested for a few min, then began the workout. but on the other side of the coin, we all STRIVE for perfection, but no one is perfect. ill bet everyone here has had to make a few tweaks after realizing a mistake or 2, but the willingness you have for feedback will pull you through.

lastly, i would say about the front squat, i almost never do it i had to drop alot of weight just to do it right on the squat rack, but using the proper form burned alot of muscles i normally dont use. i would say just learn the proper form, that will be best for you in the long run.

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