Fixing Dave


Hey guys
I’ve been following this V-Diet idea since the beta test they ran a year or so ago. I watched as some guys did really well and that one guy who seemingly lied to everyone about following the program but just gave excuses and failed to see results. I hope to, and believe I will, be in group that sees results.

Here’s my story:
I’ve been a fatty most of my life - high school saw me evolve from a normal kid into a chubby teen, only fended off briefly by a summer of swimming and basketball every season. I’m athletic in the sense that I have hand-eye coordination, can play most sports competitively and have accomplished some cool things in regards to fitness, but I have been fighting a gut and man-boobs as long as I can remember. I don’t think I’ve ever been comfortable taking my shirt off in front of anyone.

College came and I joined a fraternity - drank a ton for 3 years and then turned my life around. I started running to and from work, eating healthier and got my weight down to a point where I could pass the Air Force fitness standards. I never weighed in at my worst weight, but estimate I was around 280. At my best, after a year of ROTC, I was down to 208, but still had the same body-shape, just smaller deficiencies. I can run like the wind when I’m below 220 (1.5miles in 9:13 when I was at 208). My best-ever bench was 235, deadlift was 315 and I could do 6-8 chinups. Now I am benching less than 190, 225 deadlift and can’t do any chinups.

Now after 3 years of active duty, and almost 6 since I turned my fitness life around, I find myself pushing 245 (we’ll see when I weigh in on Monday) and wondering if I’ll pass the fitness test - not in the run/pushups/situps but in waist measurement. I’m sure I look big, but I still carry it pretty well, but I know what lies underneath the layers of clothing. I measured myself the other day and found my waist was at 40". F-ing terrible (pardon my semi-crude language).

I have reasons/excuses/blah, everyone does. The main things I need to learn to fight is complacency and poor nutrition.

I have 35 days until my Physical Fitness test and this should give me plenty of time to correct my food choices and turn my life back around. I’ve got the drive but I know how easy it is to fall into old habits. I’m fighting the bad eating habits, getting into a good fitness regimen and elevation!

I will post with pictures on Monday after my goodies come and I get to partition my pantry with the good stuff. I’m embarassed already about posting them but it is motivation to fix myself if nothing else, right?


We’re with ya Dave


Welcome aboard!


Here we are…The night before day 1. I measured and weighed this morning and got the goods this afternoon (I foolishly ordered overnight delivery for a cross-town shipment!). I even had the bedtime shake tonight just to get me started right and man, is it a lot to down (so to speak).

Height: 75"
Weight: 240.0 lbs
Neck: 15"
Shoulders: 45.5"
Chest Upper: 44"
Chest Lower: 44.5"
Waist at navel: 40"
waist at largest: 42.5"
Hips at largest: 44"
Upper Arm L: 16.5"
Upper Arm R: 14.5" HA! I knew my left side was stronger but 2 inches stronger!?!
Upper Leg L: 26"
Upper Leg R: 24.5" Wow!
Lower Leg L: 16.25"
Lower Leg R: 15.5"
Ankle L: 9.25"
Ankle R: 9.25"

The weirdest thing about my measurements is that I am right handed - would have expected my right arm to be bigger. I do kick left so my left leg being bigger isn’t unexpected but

I am filling up the baggies and used a 70cc scoop for the Leucine - it looks like it is about 25 grams vs the 5 grams that is supposed to be in each serving. With 450 grams per bottle and only two bottles, I used a ton on my meal tomorrow. Hope it doesn’t mess anything up but I’m just going to use it since it is all mixed in.

The only deviation that I have to do is physical training (Air Force PT) Tuesdays and Thursdays so I’ve got my workout days on Monday Wednesday Friday now with the V-challenge on the weekend. I was thinking about going to do the incline this weekend but am going to swap the V-challenge in its place. The Incline is an old cog-railroad track that goes up the mountain - I think something like 1000 feet. It took me an hour to get up it last time (with my lack of altitude adjustment coming from sea level) and it was a good 4 mile run down the trail on the side.
Maybe once I’m done with the V-Diet, I’ll be fully adjusted to altitude and see how fast I can do it!

Gotta get back to filling up the baggies and to bed so I can get up early to walk tomorrow morning!
Pictures to come.


Wow…so I read you aren’t supposed to have over 20g of Leucine so I’ll just have to be careful not to mix in all of it tomorrow.


First day went well. Not perfect but well. Walked for 40 minutes and 2.49 miles at a 2% incline. Looking forward to the workout tomorrow. I was exhausted today though - waking up early for the walk, then PT, then a full day at work. I crashed around 330 and took a 2 hour nap even though I set my alarm for 20 minutes. That’s the danger of napping folks. Now I’m getting sleepy again which is good so I can get into a routine of getting up and knocking my NEPA out.
I recently moved to Colorado Springs so I am still getting used to the area, the altitude and the people. Started a new job and am settling in but I’ve been staying up too late and today I paid for it.
In other news, I missed dinner tonight because of my nap. I just forgot about it - despite being hungry. I thought I had taken it but looking at my stuff again at bedtime I realized I just missed it. I have to come up with a better way to remember the fish oil too. The shakes are a ton to drink - which I guess I shouldn’t complain about since it is all we are eating but dang!
The only tough part today was when my buddy brought over Chik-fil-a when he was helping me move my fridge and stove back into my kitchen. I love chik-fil-a

I am still unpacking and trying to find my camera but worst case I’ll go pick up one and get them up on the site. Also need a pill carrier or something so I don’t have to bring the whole bottle with me to work.


I know it’s not where you want to be but those measurements tell me you have alot of muscle in their somewhere. We’d love to see pics and see how much wt you are working out with.


Day 2 - Workout Day
Meals went great - I am really full after just about every shake. I’m not in love with the straight chocolate but found that chocolate and banana cream is pretty good - especially with a scoop of peanut butter (natural) at night. Other than that I choke down the shakes because I’m committed to changing my physique.

Lunch was weird, because I just had a glass of water where my coworkers chowed down. I gave them “I brought my lunch” and that it was 11am - too early. The shake at 1045 didn’t overcome my natural desire to eat solid foods. I keep having to remind myself there is no chik-fil-a or juicy fatty hamburger at the end of this. Chicken breast, ground turkey, salmon, tuna, lean beef - sure. I’m already searching for good veggie combos to have for my HSMs.

Workout was good - I really pushed hard and fast (so to speak) but probably could up the weight next time.
Dumbbell Squat (believe this is with a single dumbbell)
5 sets, 40 reps total, increased from 50lbs to 65 for the last 3 sets - doing about 9 a set
Dumbbell Bench Press (60lbs)
4x9 and 1x4
Bent-Over-Row (Dumbbell - 50)
3x8 and 1x9
Plank Hold
Wasn’t sure how to do 40 reps of this so I did it twice - once for 45 sec and once for 30 sec. I have PT in the morning so I’m sure I’ll get my fill of situps then.

Pictures up next












Day 3 went fine - pretty standard. Tried out the strawberry shake and it was amazing. I love how the ice turns them into something with texture.

Just got back from Day 4 NEPA, I only walked 2.4 miles but I plan on walking more after my workout today. Looking forward to hitting the gym again - still a little sore from Wednesday.


Day 5

Loving the shakes with ice now - went out and did about 3 miles NEPA late this morning (the program said nothing about not sleeping in on weekends!). The hardest part for me is staying entertained for the whole walk. I’ve downloaded some audiobooks to listen to while I go but I have found it easier to watch sportscenter at the gym on tues/thurs and not get tired of walking. The 4mph pace is pretty intense for a walk but I like it. Its like a minature version of sprinting - ha!
I pushed my HSM to Sunday since I started the program on a Tuesday (and I’m kind of sore from yesterday’s workout - especially the standing shoulder press). No workout today but got the Mizzou game to watch at 6. I’m actually up in the air about going to watch it because I don’t have a TV yet and I’d have to go to a bar with food and booze to see them game. Maybe I’ll stop in for the second half if they aren’t getting crushed - go mizzou!

Day 4 workout:
Romanian Deadlift (135x16,16,14,4)
Surprisingly, there was no lat pulldown machine at the gym so I did the assisted pullups with an underhand grip (yes, chin-ups).
Chinups - (100x10,120x8,130x6)
Standing shoulder press - Dumbbell - 30x16,12,6,7,7,2 - that was tough!
Side plank hold - did 2 for about 20 seconds each - my back and abs were sore - not sure why…


Day 6
No NEPA today - although I almost went two or three times feeling like I was missing something. Did the V-burn challenge today - pretty good little workout but I’m wondering if I should be doing the intermediate version of this. Finished in 19 mins 20 secs. I was huffing at the end but with a little rest, could have done more.

HSM was two chicken breasts on a bed of spinach with a side spinach salad (w/rasp vingr), squash and zucchini with olive oil over all of it. Lots of pepper, no added salt. I am STUFFED! I’m probably going to have my bedtime shake super late tonight (a project is keeping me up) but I don’t know if I’ll be hungry by then. Might do without the peanut butter

Looking forward to the weighted workout tomorrow…not the NEPA so much.


Keep up the good work. You’re going to lose those love handles.


Keep up the good work. You’re going to lose those love handles.


Man I refuse to ever, ever give up the peanut butter. It’s the only thing that keeps me sane.


Day 7
So I didn’t give up the peanut butter last night but I thought about it.

Still finding my zone as far as weights go (going up and down at the start of the set depending on if I’ll reach failure too soon) but pushed hard and felt really good after lifting. Bundling up to go for a NEPA walk tonight (its 46* out…I’ve lived in LA the last 3 years, I forgot what seasons were like). Stayed up too late last night for no particular reason so I didn’t force it this morning.

Missed 1 Flameout over the weekend and missed 1 meal on the second day but other than that it has been a solid week. I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning and let you know but I cheated and weighed in this morning - progress was good. The best part was putting on my uniform and not feeling like I was going to bust a button or a seam. It may be partly in my head but I think I made progress and I’m stoked for more (and better) this week.