Five Days Left

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to catch everyone up on my progress. I started the V-Diet on March 1st, and haven’t looked back. I’ve been enjoying this whole experience, and learning a lot about my character. There have been many times when I’ve wanted to snack on sweets and junk and I’ve been strong enough to get through it. This Saturday is my final day, and Sunday will be my ‘after’ measurements.

Prior to starting here is what I measured

Weight - 203
%Body Fat Impedence Method - 15.6%
%Body Fat Pinch Method - 6.6%
R. Arm - 13.75"
Chest - 39.5"
Waist (thinnest) - 33"
Waist (Umbilical) - 34"
Hips (Widest) - 39.5"
R. Leg - 22.5"

Today, my weight was at 186. If you’re interested in seeing more pictures or reading about my V-diet please visit me @

I wanted to thank everyone for their posts, they have been encouraging, and inspiring during times when I’ve hit the grind. Chris, it’s been a rewarding experience thanks for your hard work!

WOW Rockstar!!! Inspiration to see it through!! Great job!

Nice work! Looking forward to seeing the after measurements!

3 to go! Made dinner plans with my grandma on saturday for my last HSM. Shes one of the best cooks I know and is happy to be able to feed me again :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the hard work and perseverance.

Awesome dude! amazing results, and I love your positive outlook! Might need to bookmark your blog, haha!


[quote]TKDCadet04 wrote:
Awesome dude! amazing results, and I love your positive outlook! Might need to bookmark your blog, haha![/quote]

TK - Thanks for the support! Let me know if you have any feedback about the blog, I’m hoping to start a real website and my own training company soon.

Last workout Day:

Maxed out on Dead Lift Got 515 new lifetime PR!!

Max Prior to Velocity: 510

I’ll add video later!

Nice lift man!

And whilst loosing weight…pretty sick!

great work!

Yeah new lifetime record! Grats ) On everything!

Jesus man. 515 is impressive!

I’m waiting for the day that I break 400…

looking forward to hearing about the results

Results on day 28,

Weight: 187
%Fat (Impedence): 11.2%
%Fat (Pinch): 4.7%
R. Arm: 13.25"
Chest: 40"
Waist (Smallest): 31.5"
Waist Umbilical): 33.25"
Hips: 39"
R. Leg: 22.5"

After pictures, final comments to follow

After Front

After Side

After Back

First, Thanks again Chris! I feel like this experience has finally gotten me over the hump I’d been trying so hard to clear for over a year now. Now that I have a good lean base to work from again I feel more confident than ever, and truely understand the meaning of hard work and sacrifice!

Second, Thanks for the positive comments from everyone on T-Nation. I’ll be keeping updated with how everyone is doing with their V-diets!

Weight Change from start 16 lbs.
Dropped 3 pants sizes 36 - 33 since i played football (1 year)

The biggest changes I’ve noticed has been the shape of my belly button :slight_smile: It’s not as much of an innie as it used to be. The differnce in definition in my back is also notable as well as the side shot. Also, no more man boobs! I’ll be testing some other maxes here this comming week to see how the strength levels are. The new DL record was a good indicator that I havn’t lost any muscle mass though! Hope everyone keeps up their hard work and sees this thing through; it is worth it in the end!

Best in Strength


VERY VERY nice!! Yes, you did really well. These are the kind of results that make the V-Diet so special.

Holy…great job dude! HUGE difference! Just because you’re done better not mean that you bail on us, lol.

I hear ya about the belly button. Kind of a funny thing, though it makes completely rational sense.

Anyways, keep posting updates, I’d love to hear how the transition goes. Today starts week 3 for me, time to put my shoulder to the wheel.

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