Fish Oil and Chocolate

Background: 23, Male
Height: 6’2
Weight: 235.2
Lifting experience: 6 years starting from college years. Started out wanting to do powerlifting, got into it until my wrist broke during basketball. I was at a pretty passable 10%BF @ 210lbs before I started dating, then being lazy with my gf + GMAT studying killed me. It’s time I stop being prideful, thinking I still have a great body because I have accumulated way too much fat. Aiming to slim down to around 200lbs eventually, back to 215 for V-Diet goals!

Been a longtime fan of V-Diet and Chris Shugart, but (like most) did only 1.5 weeks of it a year ago by using whey-only products. This time, doing it as close as prescribed. I already know there are days in the diet that I need to drink (like my birthday), so straight shots of vodka will have to do.

Trying to follow the training program to a T, but my wrist is still rehabbing, and things like BB push press will have to be subbed for other OH movements.

Looking forward to progress and the help of a great community for accountability! Current pics, along with a pic of where I used to be for motivation’s sake (that I can get back there with a good amount of discipline and a well-thought out program!).

oops… opened an alternate thread! sorry.

where I want to get, and surpass!

This should be a good one. Looking forward to following your progress!

Come on, you can do better than that. You “need” to drink? Can’t NOT drink for 28 little days? I think you’re stronger than that.

Thanks for the visit, Chris. You’re right - I’ll take a long hard look at my life these next few days, and hopefully will be posting the day after my birthday without any hints of a hangover or alcohol.

Workout 1 (intermediate) Weight 235.2 Yikes.

Front Squat: 4x185, 5 sets
Chinups: 4x5xBW
DB BP: 4x75s, 5 sets
AB Wheel: 4x8rolls

Chris, if you’re still tracking this - quick question about wheel rollouts. How do we estimate 4-5RM max for sets, if my gym has no weight vests or chains? If you’ve wrote this somewhere else, a link would be sufficient for me to track it down. Thanks!

yea man stay off the booze, once you get rolling with the diet you wont want to fuck it up by having a few drinks. You will get ridiculously drunk from straight shots of vodka on a limited calorie diet, who knows what will happen once you are drunk. Good way to ruin the diet tho.

Day 3: Holy Sore, Batman!
Weight: 231.6 (-3.6)

BB reverse lunges, 4x5x135 per side
DB bent over rows, 4x5x75’s per side
DB push press, 4x5x65’s per side
DB curls, 4x5x45’s then 40’s per side
Reverse crunches, 4x5

I had to switch in a bunch of DB work because of my wrist… but oh well… feeling good. Lots of that 3.6 lbs lost was water weight, but I AM weighing myself at the same time at the same conditions. Even though the water loss was expected, seeing some numbers come off that scale is encouraging nonetheless.

Having some really bad neck and trap pain today (Day 4)… probably strained it. Good thing it’s an off day today…

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