Fish Caps Equivalent to Flameout

I ran out of Flameout this week. Placing an order tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have a bottle of 1g Fish Oil caps. What is the approximate serving of fish oil caps to 2 Flameout caps?

Thanks Guys!

If you have the basic 180/120 EPA/DHA stuff, you’ll need to take 5 caps to get the same amount that’s in 2 Flameout.

Try to match that.

1 serving (4 soft gels) gives you:

2,200mg DHA
880mg EPA

lowlight, I suggest you invest in a calculator. 5 capsules would be 1 Flameout.

Oh my god, you really are something. Here’s the breakdown for you:

5 caps x 300mg = 1500mg EPA/DHA in 5 caps

Flameout: 2200 + 880 = 3080mg in 4 caps

Of course, he wants to know the equivalent to TWO FLAMEOUTS. Time for some more math!

3080 / 2 = 1540mg (2 caps)

Therefore, 5 caps of normal fish oil = 2 caps of Flameout.

Just give up mak, you make a fool out of yourself every time.

I was thinking more along the lines of getting 2200mg of DHA. But whatever.

Despite the numbers, buying fish oil in bulk is MUCH cheaper than buying the Flameout.

You’ll have about several hundred fish oil caps left over.

If you want to take heaps of cap a day. And take in the extra calories.

About 50 extra per day… that can be dealt with in other ways.

Like maybe an extra 10 minutes on the NEPA walks.

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