First Week Worries!


Hello, i just had a question concerning body composition. I have an electronic tester for body fat percentage, when i initially started the programme i was 188lbs and 13.2% body fat, after the first week i have dropped down 7lbs, but my body fat has only decreased by 0.2%.

According to the results (which were taken 3 times and all gave the same reading to ensure correctness) it means that during my first week i have lost 1.3lbs of protein but at the “cost” 5.7lbs of whatever else (i assumed muscle), I am worried that this is all muscle and by the end of the programme, whilst being thinner i will have lost a large amount of muscle!

Does the diet take some time to actually start burning fat or has my body just reacted poorly to the diet? I have followed the programme EXACTLY, walked for 1 hour 15 minutes each day as my NEPA, and completed all the workouts to 100% effort. I am currently unsure whether to continue the diet as i do not wish to lose a lot of muscle mass! Please help!


Those electric body fat scales are notoriously inaccurate. Most people threw theirs out years ago.

Even bed rest does not cause muscle loss that quickly. The scale is garbage.

Please follow the diet plan using tape measurements as the main tracking tool.


Thank you for the speedy reply! I will proceed to throw mine out!


BTW, my doc used one of those electrical devices on me a few weeks ago. It put me as at risk for obesity… and I have visible abs. He admitted they were junk and he mostly used them to scare his overweight patients.