First Week on the V-Diet

So I just finished my first day on the diet… My starting weight is 253lbs.

I learned a few things. First my calorie range is 1300 on non-workout days and 1600 on workout days. I am doing the beginner workout and found that I went too light all the way around on the weights. I will up that next week. I was also surprised how whipped I felt after about 20 minutes. I set my countdown timer to 30 seconds so that I could keep the breaks at only 30 seconds.

I was surprised that most of the day I wasn’t hungry. I did however get hungry around 6:00pm as I hadn’t had my third shake of the day yet… I will be splitting a shake so that I can have one more around 3:00pm. I also noticed I was a pooping machine lol. I noticed that about after 10-20 minutes after the shakes I had to make it to the bathroom quickly. Not sure if this was from the fats or not. Seeing as how I really didn’t add the fiber til later on in the day.

I hope to do some measuring and add some pics later today.

This is day two and it is 3:00pm. My head is killing me, with a headache that has been going on for a couple of hours. I also have been feeling very groggy and kinda out of it as if I’m suffering from low blood sugar. I’m sticking to it but day two has been much harder… I’m not hungry but I’m feeling nauseous. Has anyone else had these symptoms?

Yeah, I am on day 3 and I have had similar issues where I just don’t feel there mentally with a slight head ache all day.

My stomach seems to hate me at times.

The body is amazingly adaptive, so I am sure it will get easier once you are able to adjust to the lower carb diet

[quote]cwilt wrote:
My head is killing me, with a headache that has been going on for a couple of hours.

I’m not hungry but I’m feeling nauseous. Has anyone else had these symptoms?[/quote]

Is this your first experience with HRX? Are you taking the full dose? The first few times I took HRX I was miserable, headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. I can handle it fine now, but I had to work up to the full dosage.

pel4th… congrats on making it to day 3. In some sick twisted way it is comforting to know someone else is experiencing some similar negative symptoms. I agree that this will probably go away given a few more days. I also think that I am probably detoxing as I have had a similar experience in doing that.

kakattack… thanks for the feedback. I am taking the full dose of HRX and have never had any trouble in the past with stimulants or fat burners (my body is pretty tolerant). However since you pointed this out it is now 8:00pm and the nausea and headache is all but gone… not sure if it is because the HRX I took at 3:00pm are starting to wear off or if it is because I just had another shake about a half hour ago. I will keep watching though if the negative symptoms come back after tomorrows HRX.

I’m finishing day two but this is my 2nd time using HRX. I found that if I took the HRX and just went about my daily business, I felt like dirt. If I took the morning dose and hit the gym within an hour, I felt great. I also tried to polish off a solid litre of water with each dose and found that it reduced any ill feelings.

Day two has been tough but I’m looking forward to day three and another workout. Stay with it man, the end results will be well worth it.

Keep going man! It is my turn to help a fellow V-Dieter out! I too have had the same issues and asked Chris about it…the same answer…the HOT-ROX is probably the culprit…I am on day 6 and I don’t really get the headaches now but still feel out of it once in awhile. Drink a ton of water, it helps.


Thank you all for the support it is great reading your encouragement and suggestions.

I just finished day 3 and the workout today kicked my butt. At one point I thought I would puke but managed to keep it down. Who would have thought that 25 minutes could be so tough. I set my countdown timer again and with each set I couldn’t believe how fast 35 seconds went.

I was a bit hungrier during the day today and split a shake in the afternoon… that seemed to help some. I am starting to fantasize about my meal I am going to have on Saturday. I am looking to do grilled chicken breasts with some salsa, baked sweet potato dry, and either some brocolli or a salad with balsamic vinegrette dressing… wow my mouth just watered typing that lol. Any thoughts on my meal should I add anything?

Hi from icy PA. You’re doing brilliantly. I’m just entering day 3 on my second V-Diet. I used it back last spring at weeks 16-12 of my contest prep and it worked like a charm! Anything I can do to help please ask. I got pretty creative while following it to a T. Enjoy your meal Sat. I’m looking forward to a grilled Cajun tilapia sandwich at the PA farm show on Sat!

Yeah, both those meals sound so awesome right now…I have to go wipe down my keyboard!!! I am having a nice salad, followed by a filet mignon and steamed broccoli…so there!

Keep going man…I have the same cravings and the workouts are also tough…I have one tonight and I am sure I will get close to puking…my trainer has no remorse.


Thanks again for the encouragement… because right now all I can think about is chucking this diet and eating some real food!! I haven’t cheated yet… but the temptation today is out of this world… I am craving vegetables like they are the gift of life. I was even thinking about getting a side salad at Wendy’s with my shake… would this kill the diet?

stay with it.

I also am craving salad and veggies. The lack of real food is really taking its toll on me. It is a mental battle. Physically I am full most of the time. But my mind constantly thinks about tasting something or chewing something.

While it probably wouldn’t kill your diet. Giving up on this one aspect today will make it easier for you to give up on another part down the road.

Try to stick with it and hold off until the HSM

Thanks pel4th… I am going to try to fight through this today and hope as the day goes on things will get easier.

In a pinch try a hot cup of low sodium chicken or beef bouillion. The savoury taste will be a welcome break. 1/2 tsp is around 5 cals.

Thanks for the tip thebrit. I just threw back a half shake of chocolate and am feeling a bit better. Any thoughts on how to make these shakes more appetizing… I mean they aren’t too bad but when that is your only food source they tend to make me a feel a bit nauseuous from the taste.

Sure thing. Try blending your chocolate thick with ice in the blender. Add a couple of drops of peppermint extract and hey presto you have mint choc ice cream! Also, add some espresso or some instant coffee mixed with a splash of hot water to either chocolate or vanilla shakes - very yummy! Key is blending them thick with ice in the blender. I tsp of metamucil added to your shake instead of the fiber tabs taken separately makes for a really thick shake.

The one scoop of protein powder shake can be a bit thin. However, today, I added 1 tsp of sugar free orange Metamucil to vanilla and blended with ice and a 3/4 cup water for 1 minute. It was so thick I had to scoop it out. Imagine what more than one protein scoop would be like! Hope this helps.

I’ll post more ideas as I come across them. Just another thing, have you seen those coosi kind of gel ice-packs you can buy for chilling white wine? Well, a blendi bottle fits perfectly into one of those. Today, I took my perfectly blended creamsicle with me to the gym. Two clients and 3 hrs later, that thing was still icy!

Forgot to mention, make sure you put it in your cooler!

thebrit thanks again for the tips… I hope to get some peppermint extract soon. I made it through day 4 but had a cheat :frowning: When I got home I had to give my dog some medicine (bear with me here lol)so I had to wrap it up in a very thin slice of deli turkey… without even thinking I grabbed myself a slice and popped it in my mouth…

I ended up only having half of an evening shake so as to not jeopardize any calories. I must say it tasted amazing, but I feel a bit guilty.

[quote]cwilt wrote:
This is day two and it is 3:00pm. My head is killing me, with a headache that has been going on for a couple of hours. I also have been feeling very groggy and kinda out of it as if I’m suffering from low blood sugar.[/quote]

This has happened to me on occasion when I’ve tried going really low carb, but not to the V Diet for some reason. Don’t know what to suggest other than trying to ride it out.

I lost 20 lbs when I did mine, so it was worth it!

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