First V-Diet

So I kicked off the V-Diet today. I have worked hard for 12 weeks and now I really want to get lean before going home for my mid tour leave break. I haven’t really ever been lean except for my first year in the Army, as a 57kg 19 year old. Well I am 40 in October this year and I figure I owe it to my wife and daughter to be in awesome shape. So here I go.

I am an Aussie so everything is in metric. I will convert a few key ones for anyone interested.

Height: 173cm (5’7")
Weight: 84kg (185)
Neck: 39cm
Shoulders: 122cm
Chest: 105cm
Waist: 92cm
Fat Arse: 104cm
L Arm: 40cm
R Arm: 41cm (16")
L Thigh: 63.5cm
R Thigh: 63.5cm
L Calve: 40.5cm
R Calve:
L Ankle: 23cm
R Ankle: 23cm

What do I want to achieve? Visible abs without having to squint and comb the hair on my stomach. More definition all over, but especially my arms and back. I would love to gain a couple of cm on my chicken legs too.

I also want to prove to myself I can do it. I have always loved to eat, and I have never really looked after my diet. My genetic potential is to sit on a couch for prolonged periods. I have to work really, really hard for my results.

Images to follow.

Before Front. Slightly skewed angle, we didnt have much room.

Before Back. This is a horrible angle

Before Side. No idea why these are sideways >.<

I actually found day one tougher than I thought it would be. I was really hungry by about 0930. I had to sit through 3 hours of lectures on the defense force discipline system today which meant I didnt get to have second shake till 1300. I normally eat at 0730, 0930 and 1130. Felt a little bit funny late afternoon but felt good during the workout.

Bent Over Rows: 90kg - 3,3,3,3,3,3,2
Overhead Squat: 50kg - 3,3,3,3,3,3,2 - These were tough. Balance was the major issue here.
Dips: 45kg - 3,3,3,3,4,2,2
Ab Wheel Roll outs - 20. I dont feel good about my rollouts from toes so I went from knee’s. I’ll try toes next time.

Day 2 seemed ok. (90 minutes of NEPA (45 morning and evening). I did miss a meal due to the second lot of Discipline Law training. But over all, no dramas.

End of day 3 and I have my cranky pants on. All the fridges around my block have died due to the heat today (it hit 50 degrees centigrade) and I have to walk to the gym for cold water bottles. Oh well, more NEPA I guess.

I am finding the mornings tougher than the afternoons. I have no dramas getting up early and doing my walk on the treadmill. But the time between the breakfast shakes and the lunch shakes is killing me. I am really hungry in the mornings.

I missed my dinner shakes so had to have them post workout. And given my early bed times I have squeezed the last one in 30 mins before bed. I am tipping I will be up at least twice tonight to pee.
Workout was fine. The switch to 40 reps and 45 sec break was interesting. I have been working in the 3-5 rep range for the last 3 months so it took some feeler sets to get to the right weight.

Pull ups (neutral grip as it doesn’t aggravate my neck) - 15kg - 7,5,5,5,4,4,3,3,31
Incline Bench Press (all the incline benches near the dumbells were in use) - 80kg - 7,6,6,5,4,4,4,4
Romanian Deadlifts (grip was the issue here, my hands were hurting pretty bad) - 140kg - 6,6,6,6,6,6,4
Barbell Curl - 40kg - 9,8,8,8,7
Hanging Leg Raise - 9,9,7,7,8
I dont know if I am just imagining it, but I think I can see a difference in the way my arms look. 25 days to go :slight_smile:

Day four done.

Still hungry in the morning. I am so looking forwarded to a big juicy steak and steamed veggies for HSM. Three more days I earn it.

90 minutes of NEPA. Interestingly my HR was about 20 bpm higher than normal at the end of my walk. I normally walk for 45 mins on the treadmill morning and night on non training days. I set it to 6 kph (4mph) and vary the incline to keep my HR under 120 bpm (normally 7.5 - 9%) Tonight I had it on 8% and didnt check my HR for the last 15 mins. When I finished it was 135. I am only guessing as to why.

I am going to go with the fact Lamb of Gods The Faded Line was the last song playing and it fired me up…

Damn I hate having to scroll past my back fat to get to this point.

Day five done.

Slept like crap last night. Only got 30 mins NEPA in this morning so did an extra 15 minutes of walking post workout. I am still really hungry all day. A lot of internal monologue today. But I managed to talk myself out of cheating. I can see the diet working already. I just need to stay mentally strong. Not getting much help from my coworkers. They keep offering me crap to eat, or just tell me to quit and get something to eat. If I just shut up about being hungry it might help.

I didnt feel great in the workout. I felt a little weak in all the lifts. I think its the 30 sec rest period. I obviously normally take a lot longer and can therefore use more weight. Such is life.

Front Squat - 80kg - 5,4,4,4,4,4. My squats are still my weakest lift by far. Three lots of knee surgery have left me wary. I would love to bring these up to where I think they should be (given I can deadlift 210kg)
Close Grip Bench - 90kg - 5,5,4,4,4,3.
Neutral Grip Chins - 20kg - 5,4,4,4,3,3,2.
Barbell Push Press - 60kg - 5,5,5,5,5. This is way off what I can normally do (I normally hit 90kg for 3). However, I normally push press first instead of last. I guess that, and the shorter rest periods, make the difference.

Day 6. Non workout day. No dramas with the shakes and 45 mins of NEPA in the morning. I did my HSM as I was able to get off base for dinner. 12 oz New York Strip, Green Beans and Salad. God it tasted good.

I have to say I am struggling with this diet. It is absolutely working but I not having a good time. I have to go in to town for physio today. As its Ramadan in this country (I am in the Middle East), I cant drink my shakes. There is a good chance I will go 5 hours between shakes. Good times ahead.

V Burn Challenge: 56.34. Holy crap did I underestimate how tough it would be.

It didnt look too tough on paper. I spent four years doing crossfit so I thought I would breeze through it. How wrong I was. The Hand Walkouts were much tougher than expected but it was the Handstand Push ups that really slowed me down. Most of the last 5 rounds were singles. No dramas with any of the other exercises really. Balance became hard for the single leg deadlifts towards the end.

Anyway, hats off for the programming on that one. A good solid workout. I will do some measurements in the morning.

One other thing. I have found that I am serious hot the last couple of days. Yes, its 50 degree centigrade here but I am sweating alot more than usual. I am getting a workout grade sweat from walking 100m outside. I had 30 mins of sweat dripping off my hands yesterday after a short walk. And I was inside in the air conditioning for that 30 mins. I am sleeping naked on top of my bed and still sweating despite the room temperature being set to 22 degrees centigrade.

Is this normal? or am I coming down with something?

Start of day 8. Did my measurements.

Height: 173cm (5’7")
Weight: 82.7kg (181.94) -1.3kg (3#)
Neck: 39cm
Shoulders: 123cm +1cm
Chest: 106cm +1cm
Waist: 89cm -3cm
Fat Arse: 102cm -2cm
L Arm: 40cm
R Arm: 41cm (16")
L Thigh: 62cm -1.5cm
R Thigh: 62cm -1.5cm
L Calve: 40.5cm
R Calve:
L Ankle: 23cm
R Ankle: 23cm

So 1.3kg of fat mainly off my midsection (navel to upper thigh) which is exactly where I want it to come off.

I actually feel great this morning. I think it must be the energy from the HSM (or just the joy of eating real food). I have a shitty photo that seems to show that my abs are coming through. I will post it below.

End of week 1 selfie. The blue tape on my shoulder is from physio yesterday. Trying to pull my left shoulder back to reduce the tightness in my left trap (which stems from my arthritis in my neck).

Great job! I started on the 22nd, so its nice to see someone just a bit ahead of me .

Still going, just stopped posting as I didnt get any responses (until you).

Failed at day 12. I just couldn’t function without eating.

I am not eating crap I am just having one HSM meal a day. I will keep going for 28 days and let you know how I go.

I have spent the last 3 days doing 1 HSM a day (lunch) and sticking to the diet for all other meals. I have changed the workout routine to one that focuses on my legs (high volume) to try and stimulate a little growth.

Height: 173cm (5’7")
Weight: 81.7kg (179.4) -1kg (2#)
Neck: 39cm
Shoulders: 123cm
Chest: 106cm
Waist: 87.5cm -1.5cm
Fat Arse: 100cm -2cm
L Arm: 40cm
R Arm: 41cm (16")
L Thigh: 63cm +1cm
R Thigh: 63cm +1cm
L Calve: 40.5cm
R Calve:
L Ankle: 23cm
R Ankle: 23cm

So even though I technically failed the V Diet, I have still lost another 1 kg of fat from my waist and arse. I even managed to put on a little leg muscle. I am finding the V Diet lite much easier going. My mental acuity is much better than it was (which is important given my role as communications planner for the Joint Task Force). I am hoping for another 2 weeks of similar losses prior to going home to my wife and daughter.

Had gastro for the last 3 days. Ive eaten almost nothing and anything I have had has come straight out the other end.

Not part of the V-Diet but hey my abs look good :slight_smile:

Hoping I dont lose too much muscle.

So I jumped on the scales in the gym this morning. I got gastro the night after my last weigh in. Gastro lost me 2kg in 4 days, but I don’t think that’s all good. I will get back into the weights over the next 3 nights before my next weight and measure. Hopefully it wasn’t all muscle, the tape measure will tell me for sure.

Last night I did my first weights session since I got Gastro (which was only a 6 day break between sessions) and geez I felt weak. It was an intense session but not due to short breaks between sets (they blew out big time) but just getting through the sets was hard work.

Another thing I noticed last night was that I was radiating heat like crazy. That had stopped a couple days ago but I was like a furnace again last night. I am chalking it up to my metabolism firing up again :slight_smile:

I did another weights session this morning as we are actually getting off base tonight for a meal (I cant tell you how much I am looking forward to not eating in the mess (chow hall/DFAC in American speak). I was suprised how much weaker I felt in the morning. What I was able to do is keep the rest at 30 secs between sets, so I was pleased despite the lighter weights than normal.

End of week 3 tomorrow. Hoping to see another couple centimeters off the usual suspects.

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