First V-Diet

Started My first V-Diet today. I needed to get some bad habits out of the way. That have been forming for some time and also needed to loose some weight. The photo that I took reveals that I am more fat that i thought was.

Here are my first measurements
Height 5’2
Weight 171.6
Neck- 14.25
Shoulders- 46.5
Chest - Upper- 41.5
Chest - Lower- 40
Waist - at Navel- 36.25
Waist - at largest=- 37
Hips - at largest- 40
Upper Arm - L- 12
Upper Arm - R- 12
Upper Leg - L- 25
Upper Leg - R- 25
Lower Leg - L- 14.5
Lower Leg - R- 14.5
Ankle - L- 8.75
Ankle - R- 8.75

You still at it?

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