First V-Diet

I just started yesterday, Monday 1/21/13, due to the encouragement of my fiancee, who is on his third time through the diet. As a former thrower, I’ve been lifting for eight years, but now that I’m done with track and field I want to get down to the 150 range.


Height= 5’6
Weight= 167
Neck= 14
Shoulders= 43
Chest - Upper= 38
Chest - Lower= 32.5
Waist - at Navel= 37
Waist - at largest= 38.5
Hips - at largest= 38.5
Upper Arm - L= 12.5
Upper Arm - R= 12.5
Upper Leg - L= 24.5
Upper Leg - R= 24.5
Lower Leg - L= 15
Lower Leg - R= 15
Ankle - L= 9
Ankle - R= 9

Here are the pictures:

[photo]38258[/photo] (excuse the fact that I look possessed in this, I just woke up)




Awesome! Congratulations on the start! I’m on day 6 (I think…lol) You’ll rock this! Good luck

First V-Diet…and hopefully last unlike me!

Thank mellisaann, and good luck to you as well! And in fairness, KcThrows, I’ve had better food options in the past than you did :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on Day 3 of the V-Diet, and so far okay. For Day 1, I only took 2 of the Hot-Rox just to start myself slow, but yesterday I took 2 in the morning and one in the afternoon, and I felt queasy throughout the whole day… so for now I’m back to 2 Hot-Rox a day, just to be sure it was that and not the shakes.

The lifting is going well; right now, I’m just seeing which weight works best for each lift, to make sure it’s not too light but not too heavy either. I’m doing the intermediate program since I’ve been lifting for almost eight year for sports, and seriously for three years.

A Front Squat: 90lbs for my first 2x5 (easy) --> 115lbs for the last 2x5
B Chin-up or Lat pulldown ? underhand grip: 60lbs for the first 2x5 (easy) --> 80lbs for the last 2x5
C Dumbbell Bench Press: 35lbs each hand for all sets.
D Ab-Wheel Rollout

A Reverse Lunge or Step-Up: 35lbs each hand for the step-ups
B Bent-Over Row ? barbell or dumbbells: 30lbs
C Push Press ? barbell or dumbbells: 75lbs (barbell)
D Barbell curl: 55lbs
E Reverse Crunch ? on floor or slant board

Hi - I was a bit queasy on 4 HOT-ROX a day too - so now I only take 3, 2 in the morning before breakfast shake and 1 in the afternoon to get me through the mid-afternoon snack obsession. :slight_smile:

You and I are doing the same program. I can’t do the front squat so I had to substitute for the box squat instead - still targeting the quads though, but maybe not as nicely.

Did you have a spotter for the dumbbell press? I had to have one…left arm much weaker than right. wierd.

Good job! I’m on day 7 and it’s gone by pretty fast! The HRM each week are a great motivator to stay on track!

Good luck!

No spot for the DB bench press. I used to throw shot put, and all the other obnoxiously heavy implements for track and field, forcing me to learn my limitations for lifting and when I need a spotter. I’m good up until 50lbs with a DB bench, just need to remember to focus.

As for the front squat, I’ve done the performance athlete weight training for 12 weeks in the late summer and fall of 2012, so I got used to it (took a bit to be comfortable with the wrists bending back), and now I prefer front squat over the back squat, it doesn’t hurt my knee as much.

Ah ok. 50 lbs is impressive :slight_smile: Good ahead girl!

I like the box squat because it doesn’t hurt my lower back as much…lol, more than one way to skin a cat I guess :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you!

I weighed myself this morning for the first time in six days. I’m on Day 4 of the V-Diet and down to 163 lbs with my starting weight at 167. Woohoo!

happy dance

Latter half of Day 4: My migraines have intensified in length and strength.

A bit of background: I have had a migraine basically once a day everyday for six years. I’ve seen a neurologist, a headache specialist, a chiropractor, and an ophthalmologist to get relief, but to no avail. About a year and a half ago, I cut wheat out of my diet which made my migraines less intense, most of the time. I’m hyper sensitive to certain smells, sounds, lights, and colors; accompnaying my migraines, I typically get strong bouts of nausea and become more sensitive to the aforementioned list. Unfortunately, the medications I have tried in the past either don’t work, or did work but also caused adverse effects.

One thing I’ve noticed with the diet within these four days is that smell of the chocolate powder and the taste of the flaxseed exacerbate my migraine.

Day 5: can’t wait to have my first HSM. Last night I felt sick to my stomach and went to bed with a terrible migraine. This morning I’m feeling a lot better. I cut the HOT-ROX out today to see if it was making my migraines worse, so ill report in later tonight or tomorrow morning about that.

Today’s workout felt great.

A Deadlift: 155lb for 2x8, and then 165lbs for 3x8
B Decline Dumbbell Bench Press ? neutral grip: 20lbs each hand for 1x8, but it was too easy so 25lbs each hand for 4x8
C Pull-Up or Lat Pulldown ? neutral grip: 80lbs for 5x8 (lats were on fire!)
D Hand Walkout ? from knees or toes

I read somewhere that the first week or so is a type of detox - a shock to the system if you will. Perhaps the change in eating habits is triggering some of that? Cutting the HOT-ROX will probably help too. I get mirgraines with any drastic change in eating.

Your deadlift is impressive too, I was impressed by your dumbbell bench press without a spotter the other day :slight_smile: I was happy with my 115lbs deadlift :slight_smile: hahaha, I’m so getting there.

Good luck - hang in there!

Hahaa thanks. It took a lot of hard work to get the dead lifts up; it’s not even close to my best but its conducive to the amount of reps.

I gonna try to stick with the diet and keep going (the thought of quitting bothers me), so now I’m trying to find a happy balance of shakes and supplements (no HOT-ROX).

Day 6: I didn’t feel as nauseous yesterday since I cut out the HOT-ROX, I think I’m gonna stick to not having them. Yesterday I had my first HSM; salad with some Spanish olives and avocado and a meal of risotto made with homemade ragu bolognese (meat sauce) and homemade meat balls.


That’s the risotto. It was fantastic.

I just did my first V-Burn. It was tough, I started strong with the clap push-ups, doing 10 on the first and second sets. The third set I couldn’t muster any so I did regular pushups; but then on sets 4, 5, and 6, I’ve managed to get some out and then when I hit failure, I completed the rest of the set with regular pushups. All in all, my time was 25 minutes and 36 seconds to complete all 6 sets of the circuit.

DAY 8: Did my Monday workout this morning and it felt good.


A Front Squat: 4x5 at 115lbs
B Chin-up or Lat pulldown (underhand grip): 90lbs (9 plates)
C Dumbbell Bench Press: 2x5 with 35lb DB and then 2x5 with 40lbs
D Ab-Wheel Rollout 10-10

I even felt so good that I did Bo-staff kata with a weighted bo (I could feel my thighs and lats buurrrnnn!).

Yesterday, I did some NEPA by walking for 40 minutes (it was 12 degrees in Central New York). Practically everyday includes NEPA since I’m all over campus for classes and errands.

Day 9: Weighed and took measurements today. I’m down to 161 lbs and some of my measurements went down too!

Weight= 161
Neck= 14
Shoulders= 43
Chest - Upper= 37
Chest - Lower= 32
Waist - at Navel= 36.5
Waist - at largest= 37
Hips - at largest= 37.5
Upper Arm - L= 12.5
Upper Arm - R= 12.5
Upper Leg - L= 24
Upper Leg - R= 24
Lower Leg - L= 15
Lower Leg - R= 15
Ankle - L= 9
Ankle - R= 9

Some updated photos as of this morning:





Day 10:

Wednesday Workout

A Reverse Lunge: 35lb dumbbells 5x8
B Bent-Over Row: 30lb dumbbells 5x8
C Push Press: 30lb dumbbells (all the racks were taken) 5x8
D Barbell curl: 55lbs 5x8
E Reverse Crunch: 20-10-10

Feeling good! Started taking two HOT-ROX a day again and have no nausea! Tonight’s my HSM, I prepped it yesterday night because of classes today. It’s turkey burgers (with a habanero and chipotles crushed inside), rice-floured chicken and jalapenos (dipped in a rice flour-chili powder combo and to be cooked in hot sauce), and a salad with olives. I have an avocado to be making an avocado spread to replace ketchup. I’m so excited, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

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