First V-Diet - 29 Yrs Old/Male


I posted my before pic in the other forum, but thought i’d start a blog, just to give an update and help myself. I’m 2 weeks in and it’s going awesome! I can see changes almost day to day. I have had a couple mishaps during it though. Half way through the first week I came down with a pretty bad cold and took a few days off work and the gym…has some chicken soup and not much else…did some light cardio.

So my cold is just going away and I’m getting back into the swing of things when my ex girlfriend comes back in the picture! so my HSM with her haven’t been all that healthy.

Last night was tacos with ground beef (and a shit ton of sodium in the mix i’m sure) cheese, lettuce, tomato and salso and a piece of cake. It actually helped my mental state I think this morning though cause i feel like i have a pump and i haven’t even gone to the gym yet! Despite the couple pitfalls, I’ve gotten right back onto the plan and, to me, I have way more energy and think I look better already. I don’t want to take any pics till the end though.

I can’t actually call it a real V-Diet though. I use the Gym in my apartment complex that is a universal Gym with a couple cardio machines. So i’m doing GVT since it requires few exercises but still lots of work. With a shorter rest period than the usual 90 seconds.

My diet consists of the shakes, but I just use another serving of flax seed in place of the nut butter. My supplements include ephedrine and caffeine, fish oil, vitamin C, and the protein powder.

So as I said, it’s not a true V-Diet, but still keeping the same principles. My background is that I started working out when I was 18 after an accident left me with a shattered ankle and a long road to recovery. I had gotten pretty big but never cut while in college in my early 20’s. I did Body for life around '02 i think and found my abs at 165 and 6% BF according to the scale at a neighborhood supplement shop.

Got married, had kids and stopped working out and ballooned up to 225 with little/no muscle. Got divorced and stopped eating and dropped to 175. 50 lbs. lost in about 8 months. ouch. I then ate shitty and went back up to about 205-210. I weighed myself a week after I started this diet and i was 198 so i think I started around 205-210. Anyway…here’s looking forward to another 2 weeks and a nice after pic.



I didn’t take measurements or weight before, but I need to buy new pants now, and I think i’ll be looking at 34 instead of 36 waists. My cravings for sweets have difinitely gone down as well.

My plan now is to move to a more regular diet of 5-6 meals a day with clean food and my training program will go from GVT to something else, but I’m not sure what yet. I wasn’t as strict as I could be…like I said, my ex came back around and we had a couple shitty meals together, but I never let it really get me down and would do some extra cardio. I’m pretty proud of myself seeing as how no one in my social circle works out and I pretty much felt like I was doing this completely on my own.

I did use ephedrine and caffeine for the first 2 1/2 weeks, but nothing after that. My new plan I’m thinking will consist of creatine for 4 weeks, followed by a fat burner, followed by creatine. Vitamin C and fish oil are now a part of my regular routine as well (especially since I got sick early on). My goal is to have a six-pack by the end of May. 3 months.