First Timer


How many chicks do you get on T-Nation?? Any females out there??? I’d like to know! :)HOWEVER:

I’ve been hitting it hard for the past 3 years or so, first starting with Crossfit then transitioning to Military Athlete for about 1.5 years. Unfortunately, sometime last summer, I was burned out from the high intensity - was losing interest in going to the gym and working out and really resenting the program.

As a result, I stopped and decided to do something new. While my body needed the break, I definitely lost strength and muslce. At that time, I also stopped eating as well as I wanted to and struggled making better food choices (nightly eating is a slight issue).

I want to get back to where I was two years ago so that I can bring a high level of competition to events that I enjoy (Tough Mudders, adventure races, and I would like to try to Civilian Military Combine in May)…first on my agenda: complete this diet to break my bad food habits and start to crave good food again.

Enough background info. My real question is this: will I see results if I do not follow the V-Diet training program? Have others done this diet but utilized different training programs? ANy feedback would be appreciated.

I start 1/23/12.

Thanks guys

  1. If you follow it correctly, you will. Why would we have have published an ineffective program?

  2. For best results, follow the program written for this diet plan. Every time you change something, the chances of failing the diet increases. Also, the V-Diet package gives you the amount of workout supplements you need for the V-Diet training program. Change the program and you may not have enough supplements in the V-Diet package.

To see other female V-Dieters, look at our logs section.


Thanks Chris. The logs have been helpful and I started one tracking my progress on the diet. I am doing the workout program as prescribed. Day 6 and I’m feeling leaner already!