First-Timer, Looking for a Bit of Support

Hey everyone. I just started the V-Diet yesterday. I’m excited to see some results and kickstart some better habits.

I’m 6’4" and 282 lbs. We had our second son earlier this year and got distracted from the gym or eating healthy, and developed some pretty bad habits.

I used to have a couple gym buddies. We’ve moved away and drifted apart, but I remember how much easier it was to stick to the workout or meal plan when someone else would call you out on it if you didn’t.

I’m gonna post every couple days, and would appreciate a pat on the back or something. Regardless, I know I’m the one in charge of this, so I’m gonna do it.

Wish me luck!

Awesome! You got this, man.

Congrats on the kiddo! Not uncommon for life stuff to sidetrack the gym, but that’s, 'ya know, not exactly the worst thing in the world… because you made a person.

But yeah, getting back on track should mostly be about shaving down the bad habits and restarting some good ones. The way this plan is setup, it’s pretty much autopilot in the sense that, you just… do… what… it… says. Hard to mess up unless you deliberately try to stray from the plan.

The biggest thing I’d say right now is to make sure you got your starting measurements and some before pics. You don’t have to post them publicly (but of course you can if you want to). Either way, having them to refer back to and to chart weekly progress is a big part of the plan.

About a week in. What’s up, broseph?

Dude. What’s up? Hope you’re doing alright.

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