First Timer Doing Velocity Diet. How Much of Each Supplement?

First timer doing diet, just was hoping someone could break down the quantity of each supplement to purchase, I don’t want to get half way through and have to purchase more

Biotest already did that with the Velocity Diet package:

Everything you need to get rolling right from Day One - Metabolic Drive, Flameout, Superfood, and Plazma.

As it says, guys should add one more bag of Plazma to get through the lifting. Other than that, it’s all covered.

Thanks for the help mate.

Is there a huge difference if I use a different brand of fish oil, aminos and protein?

It’s just I’ve just gotten back to work so I don’t have a lot of money, so it’ll be hard to afford all of it

There really is, most especially with the protein. You’re having four shakes a day every single day, so taste and texture (so you don’t dread drinking them), mixability (since they’re being made with water and not milk), and formula (the right source of protein) will totally make or break the plan.

Pretty consistently over the years, we’ve seen that people who try to use other brands drop out partway or crash and break the diet because they use other stuff.

And Plazma is a ton more than just aminos for workout nutrition. It’s protein, carbs, and other nutrients for recovery, performance, and growth. Getting cheaper stuff separately isn’t in the same stratosphere.

I 100% get that side of it. All I can say is to remember that you won’t be spending money on food that month (other than the once a day HSM), so you’re basically reallocating your eating money.

Alright, I’ll conjure some money together and pay for it when I can comfortably.
Result wise, can I expect to gain muscle/maintain muscle, and lose body fat? I’m around 80kg, maybe 15% bf, can I expect to see visible abs but have size too?

If you’re a legit 15% (which is tough to tell anyway because bodyfat percentages are a tricky thing to measure), then you should definitely be within ab-seeing range.

As for size, you won’t “gain size” as in get bigger. Like, I wouldn’t expect to add a half-inch on your arms or an inch on your legs. But because you preserve muscle while dropping fat, you should end up looking bigger and better because a lean, muscular physiques is more impressive than a softer one.

That’s why part of the plan includes tracking before pics/measurements and then repeating it weekly to track progress, so you have a concrete and unbiased way to monitor results instead of eyeballing it as you go and getting tripped up by mind games.

Yeah it’s definitely a tough one to measure,

Cheers for the help mate, I’ll definitely be ordering soon when I get some cash behind me

Hey mate with all the protein shakes, isn’t it not idea for have that many a day? Regards to constipation, gut issues, etc.?
I thought 3 a day was the limit, there is 8 in this plan?

There’s no actual “limit” on protein shakes just like there’s no actual “limit” on how many chicken thighs to eat in a day. The plan has four shakes per day, two scoops each, plus a solid food meal with animal protein, good carbs (which will contain some fiber), and healthy fats - which all go towards avoiding any GI issues.

The type of general quality of Metabolic Drive is also a big factor. It digests much easier than the “25-pound sack o’ whey for $10”-bargain proteins some places sell. Part of the reason it’s easier on the gut, for example, is that it’s filtered to reduce lactose which can be problematic for some people in large quantities.

I have 3-4 Christmas parties coming up,
Do you recommend not being social during those times and sticking to the plan?
Or can I jump off the diet just for that night?
Or can I not eat or drink anything that day to allow for the calories that night?

So, here’s the thing… the plan is only 28 days. Do the right stuff for 28 days straight and you get results. An accidental mis-step here or there, like having an extra-large serving of rice one night or forgetting to meal prep and just picking up a burger, is one thing.

Consciously breaking the diet for a day (or half a day) is something else altogether. You’re scraping together the money to do the thing, so you owe it to yourself to do it as well as possible and put yourself in the best position to get the best results from your investment.

Ultimately, the answers really depend on your mindset and how well you know yourself, your self-discipline/willpower, how comfortable you’d be outright telling people “No thanks” when the beer and cookies come around, etc.

You can be social and stick to the plan. The old “seltzer with lime” has you covered on the drinking front. Keep one of those in your hand and no one should ask if you want a drink. Having a shake right before you go would keep you full and cut down on hunger, too.

Not to open a can of worms, but with what’s going on everywhere, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this idea in the first place. You do what you’re comfortable with, just be safe.

I have a strong will power and mindset, I know I could stick to it through these events, same thing I know if I have a little cheat on these events that I would be able to get back on track the next day.
So do you suggest just drinking water and eating my meal at home, or would you say if I have a 1-2 vodka and lime and have my meal out but be smart with what I pick and watch calories that I would be ok?
Be completely honest, your the expert, social aspect is important for longevity and sustainability, but if having a little off the plan for 2 nights is going to ruin it, then I’ll stay strict.

I’d say if you go out, drink seltzer/club soda and lime (skip the booze), and have a solid meal with lean animal protein, vegetables, and good carbs, then you’re following the plan. Each alteration - like adding alcohol, subbing in cheat foods that stick to suggested calories, etc. - can have an impact on overall results.

Generally, I’d agree with you. However, the Velocity Diet isn’t about longevity or sustainability. It’s focused 4-week program specifically designed for maximum impact in a minimum timeframe. It’s short-term by design.

Bottomline, cheat days/cheat meals should be a no-go on the plan. If you want to bend the rules and try making the best of it, it’s your call, but it means you need to be 100% dialed in and spot-on with zero wiggle room beyond that.

I have 2 Christmas parties,
We are going out for tacos,
So if I get a burrito or 2-3 tacos, lean meat, the base, salad, I’d be ok?

And then rather then having alcohol on these nights, you recommend 1-3? Diet sodas?

I think that’d be golden, yep.

I’d go for no alcohol and yes to anything that’s zero calorie.

Thanks for the help mate

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