First Time with V-Diet

Hey everyone,

First time using V Diet. I am 34 Y/O male and my weight has been out of control. I used to be in great shape but over the last 8 years things have gone from bad to worse. So I decided to give V diet a shot! I need to reset my system and my bad habits, I’m hoping this helps me to kick start new habits for the rest of my life. I am starting the diet today as all my supplements came in yesterday.
Height 5’9”
Weight - 245.3
Neck - 17
Shoulders - 53
Chest - 44
Waist above navel - 46.5
Waist at navel - 47.5
Waist below navel - 46
Hips - 44
Upper arm - 15
Upper Leg - 27
Calf - 16

I have never blogged in my life or commented on a forum, but I want to be successful and committed. I’m hoping the next 28 days show some positive results! I will update at least weekly.

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Which workout - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced?

Intermediate. I have done 531 workout for years off and on so I have gym experience. I’m kicking around just continuing the 531 since I know it so well and it has worked for me in the past in gaining quickly on all my lifts. Plus I do supplemental work with the 531. My brother is a personal trainer and has given me some options that would work well with the V diet.

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So I am one week down with the V-Diet and have actually enjoyed it. I have a pretty busy schedule and am on the road a lot with my job
and so making the shakes and bringing them with me has what’s made the program easy to follow.

I have already noticed that when I eat my HSM the tastes of the food really pop and I’m enjoying every little flavor. I have not deviated one little bit, no cheat meals or cheat drinks for the whole week. I can already see a difference in how I look, and my wife says she can notice a difference however I am not to happy with my weight loss on the scale.

For someone who was not eating healthy and drinking a lot of Soda every day to go to a diet like this I thought that week one I would have a pretty drastic weight loss. Not that I’m looking for that “miracle” pill to lose weight over night, I thought the results would be better.

Again I’m only on day 8 so end results is what really matters but I do wonder if the cost of the diet will be worth it if in the end I only lose 8-10lbs. For someone of my size
I was hoping to be more in the 15-20lbs weight loss over the whole diet but we will see how it ends up. I have posted my results for week 1 below.

My measurements our down slightly which really is the key. I hope that week 2-4 I see even better results. I’m thinking of taking my last shake and only using one scoop of powder this week to see if I get a little bit better results, especially because it’s not like I’m hungry at night and don’t feel like it would be starving myself.

Any recommendations to help me increase weight loss? My workouts have been on point and my NEPA walks have been consistent and daily.

Weight - 242.3

Neck - 16.5

Shoulders - 53.5

Chest - 43

Waist above navel - 46.5

Waist at navel - 47

Waist below navel - 45

Hips - 45

Upper arm - 15

Upper leg - 27

Calf - 15.5 - 16

You’re doing great, just keep doing what you’re doing. I would very strongly recommend you do not try to modify the program in any way, and stick to it.

This has been years in the making, it will take time to get to where you want to be. Try to avoid the expectation of lightning fast results after years of decisions that were not optimal for your health. Aside from the weight loss benefits of the V-Diet, it helps instill the idea that food is a tool, and not something to be used to relieve stress or to comfort you. Once you get over that mental hurdle, life is much easier and you’ll reach our goals much faster.

Again, you’re already doing the right thing. Just keep doing it until you get there. It will probably take longer than you think, and it will be well, well worth it.

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Like Rob said, I’d stay the course. You’re down 3 pounds in one week and you’re making visible, tangible progress. Sounds like you’re on track.

If anything, I’d play with the HSM macros first. Dropping the carbs slightly and increasing the protein portion (so you’re not really reducing calories much, but still giving the body a reason to burn more fat). The next step would be what the manual suggests - consider removing one scoop from one of the shakes during the day, not the before-bed shake.

Time to update my results. It has been 2 weeks since I have started the V-Diet and things are going well. I am doing well sticking to the plan and only had one meal that was a bit of a cheat (company lunch that I didn’t plan for and didn’t have my shake with me so I had a turkey club sandwich, I skipped HSM for dinner and finished the day out with following the shake plan). Other then that I have stayed true to the diet. I didn’t make any adjustments after listening to some of your responses and my Brother (he is a personal trainer and has been huge motivation for me).

2 weeks to go, and after the V-Diet I think I’m going to do a modified V-Diet that includes 2 shakes a day and 2 HSM per day for 28 days and then month #3 go to 3 HSM and 1-2 shakes per day. Any thoughts on that transition phase? It feels like it’s a solid plan to keep me motivated and feeling good. My results for this week have been consistent, I am down 6.3lbs total for 2 weeks and definitely look and feel much better, still a long way to go.

My lifts have all gone up at the gym, which I guess isn’t saying much as I am just getting back into 531 program, but it feels good to be in a routine. My stats are posted below. Thanks for the support for those who have commented. 2 more weeks to go!!

Weight - starting: 245.3 - now: 239
Neck - starting: 17 - now: 16.5
Shoulders - starting: 53 - now: 51.5
Chest - starting 44 - now: 44
Waist above navel - Starting:46.5 - now: 45
Waist at navel - Starting: 47.5 - Now: 46
Waist below navel- Starting: 46 - Now: 44
Hips - Starting: 44 - Now: 43.5
Upper arm - Starting: 15 - Now: 15
Upper leg - Starting: 27 - Now: 26.5
Calf - starting: 15.5-16.25 - Now: 15.5-16