First Time Velocity Diet

Hey Fellow V-Dieter its Coach Kim , extremely frustrated with my body fat percentage and inability to see my abs fully or muscle definition in my legs . Its time to do something different and drastic, I was told the Velocity Diet was the quickies most effective way to reach my goals . Soooooo here goes nothing ! Lets get it . I am very excited and nervous , I welcome ALL helpful tips.

Weight : 145
Neck :12in
Waist: 28in,29in ,31in
Upper Arm : L12in R12in
Upper Leg: L 20.5in R 21in
Calf :L:15in R14in

Are you, like, a personal trainer coach or a sports team coach? If it’s the latter and you join in on the practices, make sure you factor that into your overall activity level/NEPA.

Other than that, stick to the plan as close as possible. It’s been sorted out and designed to work, and that’s why it works.


Please excuse the late reply ,

I am a all the above, most importantly I teach twospin classses per week , meaning I’m actively involved in both classes . So when considering my NEPA are there ay adjustments I should make ?

So I have half way through week two and I have been enjoying the result, I must admit the first few days were difficult , because I’m so accustomed to eating food several times day .

Yet the results thus far have been wroth overcoming the mental battle.

I lost at least a half of inch every area and 4 pounds

Weight :141
Chest: 33
Waist :28 28 30
Hips : 33
Upper Arm : L 11 R 11
Upper Leg : L :19 R:20

Also I’m enjoying the workouts , with such a demanding schedule it refreshing to get a good workout in 40mintues or less .

Lastly I just realized I haven’t been taking my bedtime shake, but I’m on it now and looking forward to seeing what difference adding that shake makes.

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