First Time V-Dieter Preparations

I am a few days away from starting the V-Diet and are currently trying out the training program to get to know the exercises , and planing the timetable for eating and training .
Needless to say I have not figured out everything yet , so I turn to the forums .

My plan is currently set up like this :

06:00 Breakfast: Meal 1 + HOT-ROX
06:30 30min NEPA to work
07:00 — Work start ----
09:30 Lunch: Meal 2
12:30 Lunch: Meal 3
15:00 — Work ends ----
15:00 30min NEPA to home
15:30 Dinner: Meal 4 + HOT-ROX

Then training days

17:00 Training
18:xx Surge Workout Nutrition
20:00 Bedtime: Meal 5

and non-training days

19:00 Bedtime: Meal 5

If I understood correctly , HOT-ROX should be taken prior to the meal .
So I plan to take the capsules about 5-10 minutes before Breakfast and Dinner .
During the work day I will try to get additional NEPA by drinking more water
then I usually do , forcing me to take more walks to the water-cooler and WC .
I guess I will get about 20dl per work day (68oz) plus 5 times 5dl (17oz) with the meals ,
and in total drink about 45dl (153oz) per day (not sure how weekends will go)

In the exercises I chosen the Intermediate in hopes that I can handle most of the stuff ,
however I have come short of some equipment and my english isn’t 100% so I need a few hints .
First of I can’t seem to figure the difference between Deadlift and Romanian Deadlift ,
the text is slightly different but seem to describe the same movements .
Even the video looks like the same movement to me , am I missing something ?

Then there is the AB-Wheel rollout .
In lack of a wheel to roll with , is there another exercise that can be done instead ?
I would imagine that hand-walkout might be acceptable , but other variations might be closer .

Then there is the matter of getting the right reps ,
should I stop the last set when I complete the total reps .
Or should I finnish each set to completion like if I did 8-8-8-8-7 ,
should I take a break and do just 1 more to complete 40
or go for a full set of 6-7 reps and get a total of 45-46 ?

I am also committed to other activities that isn’t directly training ,
but still burns calories in some way I would call NEPA+ .
How do I keep my normal life without disrupting the V-Diet ,
it’s not like I can turn into a antisocial nomad for 6 weeks ?

Kind Regards

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