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Ok I started the V-Diet three days ago.

I have been going to the gym on and off over the last year but havenâ??t been able to kick the bad food habits. So I figured this would really help me get on the right path and be more consistent with my gym visits.

here are my stats

Height 5’ 8"
Weight 245
Neck 17 .5 "
Shoulders 20"
Chest - Upper 45.75 "
Chest - Lower 44.5 "
Waist - at Navel 46.25"
Waist - at largest 46.25"
Hips - at largest 44"
Upper Arm - L 14.75"
Upper Arm - R 13.5"
Upper Leg - L 26"
Upper Leg - R 25"
Lower Leg - L 16"
Lower Leg - R 16.5"
Ankle - L 9"
Ankle - R 9"

So my thoughts so far
I miss food in a bad way and starting day two I got a really serious headache. I took some advil and drank even more water. It is trying to linger today but I drank some tea and it seems to have subsided.

I weighed in this morning just to see and I am at 239 which I am taking with a grain of salt as I know the body can fluctuate a lot on a day to day basis.

I feel lots better and I am looking forward to work out two this evening though my legs are still sore from last time.

Keep it up Dagon!

I had a similar headache on day 2 and thought to myself if this gets worse its going to be tougher than I thought! I got home from work, headache was gone and I have not turned back since. Only on day 4, but the last two have been easier than the first.

The Day 2 workout is a kick in the a$$, but the feeling after it is truely addicting. I am looking forward to tommorows workout!

I think the most difficult part of this for me is the fact that I still have to cook for my family.

It is so hard not to taste while doing so.

I just try and drink a shake right before I have to do this rather torturous task.

feel your pain on the cooking… im a taster
as i cook so makes for rough time!!

keep it up im on day 5 and still going strong

[quote]robilyn29 wrote:
feel your pain on the cooking… im a taster
as i cook so makes for rough time!!

keep it up im on day 5 and still going strong

Thank you it’s getting better but omg I can not wait for my HSM.

ok so the workout last night was Brutal #2 my legs really didnt want to work at all they were still pretty sore but Today they feel ok.

Its night to finalyl feel like I am getting back into the groove again.

I added a bit of instant coffee into my shakes this morning and that was a nice break from the norm.

I am a bit worried I was just informed that I have to go on a week long business trip with my team during the last week of my initial 28 days. We will be stuck in a datacenter most of that time with catered food being delivered I am wondering if there is any reccomended premixed protien shakes out there that I can use that will help me get through this very difficult time. I mean I can get them to get me salads but I think that would defeat the purpose.

The good thing is the hotel we are staying in has a great fitnesscenter so I will be covered there.

Thoughts anyone?

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