First Time on Biotest Supps and I Love It

Ok, long time reader on the forum and I finally order myself some Indigo, Mag-10, and Plazma.
I got to use it today on a high rep day and man if was awesome!
Right now I’m doing the 5-4-3-2-1 Strength circuit every other day with my our rep sch of 8-6-4-2-20. For those exercise its 1) Box squats 2) Decline bench 3) Hang Clean 4) Incline Bench 5) Bent over rows.
Without getting too into the workout, Worked up to 365x2 on Box, 315x2 on decline, 245x2 on Incline, and still finished with 225x20 on box, 185x20 on decline, 135x20 on incline.

Might not be any numbers to brag about, but they were definitely higher then what I was planning to do since I was sore from yesterday’s 5-4-3-2-1. And anyone that that done something similar will know thatâ??s a lot of rep!
Well, I wrote all that because … as Iâ??m typing this about 6 hours after workout… don’t feel sore and I am pumped to see future results!

So this might not be anything new to Biotest users, but MAN… i feel like a kid in a candy store!

I’m eagerly waiting to see how the recovery is from all this!

Glad to hear that you’re digging it so far. That Built for Bad routine is one a lot of guys like. Not sure about that variation you’re doing, but that last high-rep set is definitely perfect for maximizing the nutrient pump from Plazma.

Let us know how it all goes.

Thanks for the feed back!
Yeah the workout i did was more for the pump following a heavy day and i thought i would be good to test the supplement on it, and glad i did because i felt a difference on it.
Did more of a bodybuilding shoulder and arm for pumps today. Got some soccer and basketball the next week so after a week on the supplement i guess i will really know the results of it.
But so far enjoying the recovery, really at this age i think we all look for the best recovery supplements!
I’ll keep posting as the week goes, if anyone is reading.

Just a follow up on my use with the Indigo, Plazma, and Mag-10 use.
So far i have nothing but good things to say about the products, so i went on to order the same stack… but figures… Mag-10 is out of stock… so i just ordered 2 more bottles of Indigo and one of Plazma to get the 15% discount.

Just some feedbacks over all -
The recovery aspect has been the most benefit to me, since well you get more workouts in!
The flavor i used were lemon and berry, and i seem to like lemon better vs the berry. This time i ordered orange flavor.
It’s almost been 2 weeks so, according to the forums, i should start seeing the effects of Indigo pretty soon. It’s harder to tell on that one since you have to have it in your system. So i ordered 2 more bottles, so i will be know by then.

As for the Plazma and MAG-10 - like previously mentioned the recovery and pump and been noticeable from the beginning.

Any feed back from others would be nice too!
Good lifting to all!

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