First Time Indigo 3g User

I finally got around to ordering 2 bottles of Indigo 3g and a some Z-12 to help me sleep.

My main questions are do I have to change my routine to one of the protocols ? I have been using a somewhat custom full superset workout and I am getting bigger and slightly leaner by the week without Indigo 3g, so I assume with I3g my results will just be accelerated.

I eat a lot of broccoli and tomatoes at night, will this have an effect on i3g effectiveness ? I saw certain compounds in vegetables can reduce its effectiveness ?

Since I don’t live in the USA and I am a college student the cost of I3G was a lot higher due to 70$ shipping and 55$ customs so I doubt I’m going to have access to as much whey protein this month.

Does fast digesting protein around my workout have any real benefit while on I3g ?

I can probably eat around 1kg of chicken breast per day so that should be enough protein. And I only eat carbs around my workout most days.

6’ 2
Around 12% Bf with a 31" waist

Thank you

  1. You can use whatever training plan you’d like on Indigo-3G. Just be ready to ramp it up as needed since Indigo-3G increases work capacity.

  2. No solid food will interfere with Indigo-3G, just avoid using “greens” type supplements right around the time you take it.

  3. That’s fine, but you with Indigo-3G you also need carbs. Here’s a guide: <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G Carb Guide

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