First Time Biotest Customer RESULTS!


I have been a fan of T Nation articles for some time and so decided to give Biotests supplements a try. I wanted to share my story and results!

I started lifting about 2.5yrs ago. 6’1", started at ~167lbs. Was up to ~185lbs in 4 months on the back of protein, creatine and 5x5 - growing muscle and water weight! Then, for about 1 year, couldn’t gain any more weight. It was definitely a diet problem. So I decided to go after 200lbs by getting serious about eating more food. Started eating peanut butter regularly and before bed, upping milk intake significantly and maybe a little too much pizza and burgers.

No Biotest (yet). While gaining weight I focused on 5/3/1 for Deads/Squats/OHP/weighted pull ups. I had some shoulder problems from benching prior and so focused on incline and close grip bench focused more on hypertrophy. I hit 201lbs in 4 months. Made some great strength gains on the 5/3/1 items. Also made some less than desirable gains from all the pizza! (although my body distributes fat pretty well so it spread out well). I was disappointed that I only gained about 1/8" on my arms.

After clearing 200lbs (and being generally disappointed with the results) I decided it was time to shave off the fat but try to hold on to the strength gains I had made, in particular on deadlift (and maybe even increase it!). I knew that I would have to have a really tight and high quality diet. I decided to try Biotest products.

I put in place a 12 week routine (built off combining some principles across multiple T Nation articles). Went with Plazma, Mag-10 and Indigo-3G (added Flameout 1/2 way through, after other fish oil ran out). Went with a 5 day per week program. Goal was to lose 12 pounds (1/week).

Most days - wake up ~5:45am, serving of low cost ISO100 whey, 6:15am Indigo-3G and pre-workout (vintage blast), 6:30 1/2 Plazma, brief treadmill walk to warm up (over 12 weeks the speed and angle increased but never more than 20 minutes and never more than 250 cal burned), LIFT (warm up per exercise) Sip down 1.5 Plazma servings during/at end of workout (about 60-75min workout. I took long breaks)


Deadlifts (following a subset of “The Simple Deadlift Program”)
Close Grip Bench (using heavy double rest/pause from Best Damn workout plan for natural lifters)
DB high incline (using 6-8-10 drop from Best Damn workout plan for natural lifters)


Squat (2x20)
Weighted Pull Ups
TBar rows
Rope Hammer Curls (superset with below)
OH EZ bar Curl


HEAVY racked trap bar (8x3, racked just above knee level)
Reverse grip smith
incline smith


HIgh rep chin ups
Preacher Curl (using mTor from Best Damn workout plan for natural lifters)
Cable Rows (using 6-8-10 drop from Best Damn workout plan for natural lifters)
Push Ups
Cable Curls
Face Pulls


High rep trap bar (off floor, 8x8 for time - goal <8min, add weight each week)
Low incline DB press
Farmers walk (44kg kettlebells, add time each week to carry)


DB shoulder circuit
Push ups

After workout I took a serving of Mag-10 an hour after workout (and during the last month I took a second serving an hour after that). During the ~12 weeks I consumed between 2,000-2,500 calories per day. About 180g carbs per day. Very few carbs with most dinners (and most dinners were a protein meat or eggs/bacon). No supplements on the weekend except my lower cost ISO100 whey and fish oil. When I knew that I would have a larger carb dinner I ate a lot less during day so probably only exceeded my targets a couple days out of the 12 weeks.

In the end I lost the 12 pounds. I also lost the 1/8 on my arms. I then tested my 1RM’s - I did a double with 405 on Deadlift (previous 1RM was a sloppy 385), I did 275lb Bench (tied my 1RM from before shoulder pains - and didn’t even do regular BB bench this cycle!), and did a 325lb Squat (vs pre-cycle 1RM of 295) even though I hadn’t squatted heavy in almost 4 months (thanks trap bar!). I also added slabs of muscle onto my back and traps.

I know my diet was critical to the progress and gains made. Biotest was a HUGE part of that. Maybe I could have stitched together cheaper options or less supplement focused options BUT - I work a LOT of high stress hours at my job, commute, have kids, etc. I can’t spend time doing lots of research stitching together supplements to save a few dollars or toting around plastic containers of food. Plazma/Mag-10 helped me be able to feed the right nutrients at the right times. I wasn’t consistent with using the indigo. I struggled with the cost and worried that my EARLY start to the day and overall low carbs minimized impact. I do think I felt less bloated when using it.

Although, because of the cost, I was pretty firm that once this was over I would switch back to lower cost approaches. But now that I am looking to amp my calories back up and try to put some (higher quality) size on I am likely going to run another cycle - that will likely include replacing my 5:45am whey with a Mag-10 serving, adding another Plazma serving to a lengthy daily workout (so 3 Plazma servings), keep with 2 Mag-10 servings over 2hrs following workout. I don’t want to add like 1,000 calories instantly so I am going to start with that and then ease in a Finibar post workout as well and then (again over a few weeks) add back in some peanut butter scoops and such. This is going to be super expensive, but with how good the results where when losing weight I want to see if I can accelerate some gains with these high quality nutrients when I am ready to gain some back (vs my approaches last time around). I am hoping that, if I do so slowly, that I can continue to lose some fat too. (I am now still about 13% BF so still room to lose some maybe if Diet is good). I will try Indigo-3G more reliability this cycle since I will be upping carbs.

Before (200lbs)

After (187lbs)


Nice work and amazing progress! Keep us updated.


Sounds like you did a ton of stuff right. Ended up dropping bodyfat while increasing strength - the ideal situation.

Killer work so far, @Tsvb3 . Definitely keep up in the loop as it goes, maybe start up a training log to get more feedback and track things along the way.


Nice job! Looks like you maintained your size during all of it as well. Plus you grew a sweet beard. That’s an all around success right there.