First Day


Well here goes…Some background blah blah was in decent shape, then excuse excuse excuse now I am a fat, slow, sluggish sliver of my former self and I am fucking tired of it. :slight_smile: Today was the first day of the diet, not bad feeling pretty good.

Here are my stats as of last night, no BF due to lack of calipers but if I had to guess I would say 24% to 27%

June 19th: (in inches)
Weight 257.4
Height 6’4
Neck 16.5
Chest 45.75
Right upper arm 14.25
Right forearm 12
Waist 47 (at belly button)
Hips 45.25
Right thigh 24.5
right calf 17.5

Shooting for 4 mile walks daily to complete the NEPA…I have a power rack and barbell, the exercises that I can switch to barbell I will.


Fourth day things are going good, Went to a bbq last night didnt cheat, very tough though. Told a buddy he could hit me if I put any food in my hand…I got hit once, I have good friends…Anyways back to work!

Oh and I am down 6 lbs to 251…Kinda surprised at how fast the what is shedding off.


It’s nice to have friends like that! Keep up the great job so far! For me, another family party in which everyone will be asking why I’m not eating. Ugh.


Day four had may HSM which consisted of Strip steak, roasted avocado, raw broccoli and carrots, slice of provolone cheese…putting the avocado and the cheese, both on top of the steak…which was awesome. I savored every bite like I was never going to eat again. This morning did my preshower weigh in and was surprised I was down a pound after the HSM. But what numbers count are the weekly weigh in, although if I wasnt showing progress I would have less motivation on this diet. It really fires me up to see a pound or a half pound gone in the morning.

Its rough waking up at 4 am for work…and then getting off at 6pm and fitting a NEPA or workout in…but it will be worth in the end.


Week one down…morning weigh in 246.7. First week 10.7 lost. Pretty easy going now, would really like to add more to the workouts and then add some lean protien every night. But then I slaped myself and said I am not capable of making these decisions right now…thats why I am fat. Staying on the diet as prescribed.


Outstanding one week results! Keep it up!




On final week now…been hovering around 15lbs lost. Cant wait to do my final measurements, I feel so good and I am hoping that I have been making a lil muscle to make up for the lack of fat loss. Cant wait to look at the before after pics. Looking forward to two weeks of transition before I start Indigo.


Then on to Indigo…