First Day on V-Diet (UK)

Hi all, I’m a 21 year old male and have just started the V-Diet today. I did the diet about three years ago and was very pleased with the results. I think the 3.0 version is a good improvement on the original, today has been fairly easy.

I followed the diet plan to a T however I cant get the Biotest Superfood or L-Leucine, i replaced them today with met-rx green powder and glut-amine (yet to found a bcaa product I can stomach). I have been having two shakes a day with flax seeds for years now so they don’t take any getting used to.

As for the workouts I have made a few modifications to suite my needs, I workout at home in a very small space and don’t have a barbell. All I have is a dipping station, chin-up bar and DB’s with 120kg of weight. I had to change most of the barbell exercises to DB’s and swap a few exercises for more weighted dips and chins.

For NEPA I’m doing all the stretching from the ‘Neanderthal No More’ workout. I usually do these on a vibration plate trainer, I would like peoples input on whether I should use this on the diet?

I will will post stats and pictures tomorrow, and look forward to sharing my progress with the T-Nation community.

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