First Day of the V-Diet!

OK so, I just started working at Vitamin World a couple weeks ago when I heard about the Velocity Diet through a co-worker who had started the diet the week before. We spoke about it for a while and he got me really pumped about it. I have been on T-Nation EVERY DAY for at least an hour a day reading about the V-Diet and constantly checking the forums.

Ever since high school I have been working out on and off and jumping on and off diets. About two months ago I started working out 3-5 days a week, eating right, and running practically every day. I’ve lost about 15 pounds thus far but I’m ready for a drastic change and the V-Diet sounds perfect. I weigh 203lbs now and my goal is to lose at least 20lbs on this diet.

I’ve been sooo hyped to start this diet that last night I couldn’t even sleep, I felt like I was a 10 year old going to Disney World the next day. I hope this enthusiasm lasts. lol

It’s 8:30pm and I’m about to take my last shake of the day at 9:00pm. I’ve been pretty full the entire day, which was pretty surprising. I’ve already planned my solid meal for this weekend, a sushi/sashimi platter made with brown rice. mmm… That’s my light at the end of the tunnel, that and the fact that every week I’ll be shedding crazy amounts of FAT! haha

Wish me luck!

Best of luck!

How are things going so far?

u still going?

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