First Day and Not Hungry

Today is my first day on the V-Diet and was wondering if anyone has NOT been hungry. I seem to see everyone say how hungry they are. It may be that Im so repulsed by the taste of the shakes Ive had but Im not hungry for my 3rd shake and Im already almost 3 hours past when I shoulda had it. Is anyone else like this or anyone shed some insight? Thanks!

That happened to me. Wait till your last shake, or the next day. You’ll get your stomach rumbling a bit, but it has never been awful for me.

if that non-hunger keeps up, consider yourself lucky. It gets painful toward the end of the week, but you gotta just shrug it off and realize it’s the adjustment period. week 2 is simple compared to the first. Good luck!

I go through phases–usually if I do my NEPA walk in the morning (which is at 5am)around 9am I’m ravenous! Not so much after lifting days, tho. I’m usually pretty ‘content’ feeling. But my first few days, I wasn’t hungry really–just mentally hungry. If that makes sense.

It was to the point where I only had 2 1/2 shakes yesterday. Today seems a little better. Thanks for your input.

You should really try to get the right amount of shakes in. I had a couple of days where I dropped a shake (missed my mid afternoon shake) and if you don’t get enough calories, your body will go into starve mode and V-Diet will not be as effective. Drink those shakes! Keep your calories up! And it gets easier. Believe me.

As it was said , you need to drink all of your shake.
I just finished the 28 days. For my part I got hungry 2 or 3 times. Hungriness is not the hardest part of the diet. it’s the all concept, not being able to eat what you want, even healthy food, the anti social part of it I would rather say…The hardest part is when just to swallow you can not do anymore…THe workout mixed sometimes with the lack of energy.

Drink all of your shake.:slight_smile:

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