Firefighter on V-Diet

Hey Chris,
Went through the other quetions, not sure if this was covered somewnere already-

I have been thinking about doing the V-Diet for a while but one thing holding me back is being concerned with energy levels while on the job. We work 24h shifts and obviously there are times where work gets in the way of nutrition timing.

Would this protocol be ill advised for these types of shifts, altered slightly (healthy solid meal the night before or day of shift etc), or suck it up princess?


That’s a tough schedule for sure, and unpredictable. One could say that the V-Diet will be convenient for this shift, but obviously timing will be different. I like the solid meal idea, just keep it clean like an HSM (I also advise no wheat on that meal, which can trigger cravings.)

Most people don’t have low energy on the V-Diet since workout nutrition is covered and it’s not a very low carb plan every day. Calories are low enough for fat loss but not so low that energy is sapped. If someone is withdrawing from addictive foods, the first few days may be rough but it gets easier after that.

Want to make sure I’m covered and not weaseling my way out of doing the actual program with excuses!


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