Finishing Up Week 1 - Starting Week 2

My wife and I are finishing up week 1 - I’m down about 8 lbs. to 192 and she’s down about 5 to 135. I started this diet and talked her into it after hearing a couple of people talk about it and the success they’ve had.

The shakes aren’t that bad and I’ve found resisting the urge to stop at McDonald’s a lot easier to do just by telling myself - NO. The really hard part is having a 7 year old and having to prepare meals for him - his schedule combined with ours makes the workout schedule difficult.

Week 1 well though and I’m looking forward to completing this diet and eating healthier overall.

The one negative I will say - the raspberry recovery drink is AWEFUL! I down it because I bought it, but I wish I’d gotten the chocolate like my wife - hers is more like chocolate milk.

We’ve got a tough week ahead with work travel and conferences, but we’re both determined to make it through - anyone have suggestion about trying to get our one healthy meal this week on the road? I’ve got ideas, but it’s going to be tough since we have to eat out for that one.

The password is steakhouse.

Texas Roadhouse is a favorite of mine: sirloin, steamed broccoli, sweet potato (no toppings), salad with olive oil and vinegar.

Thanks! I’ll let you know how we do…

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