Finished with V-Diet & Transition


Hi Chris. I just want to thank you for developing this diet. I did it right after it first came out (was that 2006 or 2007?) when I read the first article about some guy named Gus (I think). I just finished a week of transition after my second go at the V-Diet and the results are great.

My scale weight actually did not go down as drastically as the first time, but I feel great and look better. Does the 3.0 version have even less muscle loss than the original?

I am now moving into the Pulse Feast method and have finished my first day on MAG-10. I felt a little hungrier on the MAG-10 than the Metabolic Drive, but nothing too bad, and I had plenty of energy for the day. My only complaint is that you have to put the flavoring in the MAG-10 and Anaconda yourself, but that’s not a big gripe.

Is it cool to ask you and Christian Thibideau questions on the Live Coaching spill about the Pulse Feast, or is that only for Indigo users?

Thanks again Chris!


Feel free to post in the Live Coaching area.

Each V-Diet has been improved based on feedback and new supplement innovations.