Finished Velocity Diet

Feeling a bit proud of myself. Just finished day 27 of the Velocity Diet and pleased with the results. Weighed in at the beginning at 217 (that is after a pretty big weekend of drinking and eating, so I had a good bloat going) and just finished at 199.6. I didn’t take measurements, but I haven’t noticed a terrible loss of muscle. I did the one HSM a week plan and paired it with the “Tried and True Bodybuilding Template” I had been doing. I also tried to walk for 30 min at least once a day outside of lifting.

Now I’m going to start the transition back on to food, followed by eating at a surplus to get up to 215 on a slow bulk. At 6’4", 200 is looking a bit scrawny. Overall I’d say I’m glad/proud I finished the plan. It was a challenge and it’s good to know I could stick with it, especially giving up alcohol for a month

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Good work so far.

Just take your time changing things up. This article talks about the idea of a “setpoint”, and how it might be a better idea to maintain your current leanness for a while before starting even a slow bulk.

Got through my first week of transition. I added one HSM per day, which was usually dinner. My weight has been pretty consistent going between 201 and 199 this week. That was even after a solid refeed day last Saturday which included a couple of slices of pizza, some beer, a few oysters, and a dessert or two. I definitely felt stronger on my lifts on Monday. Starting two HSM’s next week; I’m thinking breakfast and dinner. I’ll probably eat very clean on Saturday while having some beers and watching football. I’ll get back to being strict on Sunday and let you know how the week plays out.

Got through another transition week. Weight is still right around 200, so pleased with that. I’ve been trying to keep my carbs fairly low as I adjust. During the velocity diet my daily carbs were around 112g per day. The week of one HSM they were around 135 - 145 grams. This passed week they were between 145 - 170 grams. Next week I’m looking at 3 HSM’s per day and looking to have carbs between 145 - 170 grams again. Total calories went from 1950 to 1965 to 2100, week to week. I’m looking to keep calories between 2125 - 2200 next week.

I know this has been a bit of a thought-vomit of a post. I’ve got a training log going if anyone is interested.

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