Finished V-Diet - Progress Pics


So…end of week 5, last week was transition. I didn’t post in the last 2 weeks, time just had the better of me.

Here are the pics.

The first set is from about 5 months ago before starting KB and lean meat and veg eating. Then just before the V-Diet, then 2 weeks in and finally today.

Interested to know how it looks from other ppls perspective. I was lazy and did not get measured. Weight is at about 79kg, not much lost (2.5 kg) since starting the diet but then again I realised weight loss was not the most important.

Thanks for everyones support and especially Chris.

Will do it again in the near future, want the full 6 pack this time.

Thank You Chris

@ 86.5 kg




just before V-Diet






End of V-Diet





Definite body composition changes! Nice work!