Finished V-Diet. Now What?

Last November, I weighed 285# at 6ft tall. I had let myself go, and needed a change. Fortunately, I found an article about “the 100 gram carb cure” and started slowly dropping weight while eating enough to stay full.

I was down to 258# last month and decided I needed to step things up. I decided to do the V-Diet. I finish tomorrow, and am down to 240 with over three inches off my waist!

I will be vacationing for a week, then want to continue my fat loss and get down to 215# or so. So what should I do next? Another round of the V-Diet? Or just back to the 100 gram carb cure? The V-Diet worked much better for fat loss, but left me with low energy most of the time. Chris?

I’d suggest something like the Simple Diet for Athletes (see my archives) and using Indigo-3G.

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