Finibar Storage - Freezing for Future Use?

Hello there!
Say hypothetically someone was scared to death of running out of Finibars. Could one potentially stock up and freeze them for future use ??
Thanks !

Ha, I mean, I suppose you could. I’m not totally sure why not (maybe shoot an e-mail to to ask customer service directly), but I’d presume it’s okay. No idea if it’d affect the taste or texture after defrosting though.

I do know that I’ve got four boxes of my own stocked in the basement. I just checked the expiration dates and they’re all towards the end of this year, so they do last a good while all on their own when stored properly (basically out of heat and sunlight, like most things). No freezing necessary. Microwaving unwrapped for about 11 seconds before eating, however, is highly recommended for warm peanut buttery goodness.

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If nobody listens to Chris on anything else - which they obviously should - they need to listen to this.

His trick works equally well on the dark chocolate variety.

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