Finibar Plazma Mag-10 and Fasting

Hey guys,

I’m a faster and I have been using Surge Workout Fuel and Surgw Recovery during my fat loss Journey to very good results. I’m about a month out from a shirtless photo I have to do so I switched to Plazma and Mag-10 to really get the best possible body by then.

I was having a big lunch around 2PM then a Finibar at 5PM and Surge Workout Fuel at 5:45 working out at 6 and then having Surge Recovery post workout followed by a medium meal.

Now I have been doing a protein shake and an apple for lunch, then a Finibar 60 min before workout with Plazma protocol to follow.

Here’s my question, could I push all food to after my workout and just hit the gym with a Finibar and Plazma in my belly without minimizing my results? Just curious, I’d love to just eat a monster meal post workout instead of two each day.

That’s what I did when I was using an intermittent fasting approach. Well the one thing I used was MAG-10 pulses during the day (about 3 of them). They do not break the fast effect and provide a protein synthesis spike that helps preserve muscle mass.

As for the workout I actually prefer to train on a “light stomach”. If the body is still spending a lot of energy digesting, workout performance can actually suffer.

So I see no problem with simply having a FINIBAR.

But the BEST approach would be:

  • 3 MAG-10 pulses during the day
  • 1 FINIBAR about 60 minutes pre-workout
  • 1 serving of PLAZMA about 30 minutes pre-workout
  • 1 serving of PLAZMA during the workout
  • 1 serving of MAG-10 15-20 minutes after the workout

NOW the main issue with one big meal is that the digestive system might be overloaded and have a hard time absorbing efficiently all the nutrients. Which is why I’d also recommend a serving of MAG-10 just prior to the main meal.

Thanks Coach!

I’d do the pulses but for financial sake I gotta keep the Mag-10 to just the post workout serving. Glad to hear about the fasting all day and still reeping the benefits but maybe I will dice the post workout meal into two instead of one giant as per your recommendation regarding overloading the system.

If all you can afford is one MAG-10 pulse I would actually recommend that you take it mid-day instead of post-workout

Really? So Mag-10 mid day, then Finibar 1 hour pre then plazma protocol and then big PWO meal?

Yes the midday MAG-10 would offer more benefits to muscle mass preservation than having it post-workout especially since with PLAZMA you will have nutrients in your body already and you have a meal coming up

I was thinking about taking Plazma but I saw an interview of john kiefer in which he said that it is worst time to take carbs before or during workout.
What’s ur rply

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