Finally Trying Plazma

5/3/1 for strength and swimming for fitness.

Plan to use a single serving of Plazma periworkout for weight training.

I know the recommendation is a serving of MAG-10 roughly an hour post training, but what my body generally prefers is a solid meal following a workout. Planning to do that instead, followed by a serving of MAG-10 between meals. Thoughts?

Surge Workout Fuel exclusively for swimming; one dose sipped shortly before start and through swim.

Typical 5/3/1 day looks like:

  • Breakfast: greens drink and steel cut oats with nuts and dried fruit.
  • Midmorning workout: Plazma
  • Post-workout/lunch: lean meat, veggie and grain
  • Mid-afternoon: MAG-10
  • Dinner: lean meat, veggie (optional grain if feeling the need)
  • Bedtime: glass of milk

Fresh fruit sprinkled in. Occasional complete breakdown in dietary discipline with a gigantic shit-eating grin on my face. No regrets.

Swim days look the same but the swim’s in the afternoon instead of the mid-morning, with Surge Workout Fuel instead of Plazma; no MAG-10 those days.

Goals are strength and overall fitness; naturally lean, no carb or fat issues – I’m one of those who gets slimmer if I don’t train.

Is this intelligent use of the selected supplements in the overall training and diet program? Any added advice? And what about those earlier questions? :wink:

Many thanks.

  1. We’ve had many people report great results with a single serving of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma (including an NFL guy whose teammate gave him a serving, but he’s using more now). But for best results, we’d suggest a pre-workout loading dose, then drink the second dose during training. You could vary this based on the workout: one serving for “easier” workout, 2-3 servings for very tough sessions. If most of your workouts are short with low volume, then 2 is fine. If you do more of a John Meadows plan, like Reactive Pump, 3 is best.

  2. <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 pulsed between means, the protein pulsing protocol, is very effective, but so is a post-workout serving. It’s up to you. We’d suggest trying both and seeing which one works best for your needs.

  3. Surge Workout Fuel should be great for swim sessions. MAG-10 would be a good choice too. Many use Mag-10 for conditioning-only workouts. No chance of muscle loss there.

Thank you, Chris.

If using only one serving of Plazma, do you recommend pre-loading the entire serving before the strength training workout, or sipping it shortly before and during?

Also, for swim sessions I’m unable to sip Surge Workout Fuel through the workout because of pool rules regarding drinks near the water. At present, I drink half a serving about 15 minutes before the swim, and the second half serving when the swim’s about half done. I have to leave the pool to do this, and am considering simply drinking the entire serving shortly before the swim. Suggestions?

What’s the theory behind waiting a full hour post-workout for MAG-10? I’m liking using a single serving of MAG-10 an hour after both strength training and swimming workouts, but sometimes it’s a bit of a wait when only using a single serving of Plazma or SWF going in. Is that a strict hour, and if so, why?

Where in the new protocols does creatine best fit in?

  1. Yes, if only using one serving of Plazma, do the pre-load serving before training.

  2. Your current plan is best for Surge Workout Fuel. Before and during when you can.

  3. You want the other workout nutrition to finish doing its thing, then “pulse up” about an hour after training with Mag-10. That famed “post workout window of opportunity” is actually several hours after training. But if you were doing only a pre-load serving of Plazma then you could move your Mag-10 up to closer. No need to wait the full hour.

  4. Creatine can be added to any workout drink, pre- or post-training. Over the long term, both times of creatine intake seem to be equally effective.

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