Finally Starting the V-Diet


after some time I finally got around to starting the V-Diet. Little things like becoming a dad and getting married (not necessarily in that order :-))got �?�´in the way�?�´

So without further ado here are some before pics (not pretty) and my stats. Since I am from Germany I will use the metric scale … :-))

Age: 40 (41 in Nov)
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 83.3 kg
Neck: 36 cm
Shoulder: 54 cm
Chest - upper: 103 cm
Chest - Lower - 90 cm
Waist - at Navel - 96 cm
Waist - at largest - 100 cm
Hips - at largest -90 cm
Upper Arm - L - 36 cm
Upper Arm - R - 36 cm
Upper Leg - L - 54 cm
Upper Leg - R - 52 cm
Lower Leg - L - 38 cm
Lower Leg - R - 37cm
Ankle - L - 23 cm
Ankle - R - 23 cm

Target is to loose some fat (no shit :-)) and get some good eating habits (clean foods). I have never tried something this radical before …

Other data:
I live and work in Shanghai, desk job, about 10 hours a day. As I said I have a 3.5 months old son who is with his mother in maternity leave (that is I do have some time for this diet)

My greatest weakness: not seeing things to an end - I mostly loose focus after 50% of the way. That is another reason why I want to try it this way, with an official log and everything

Pictures: I am not proud of them, but that is what I got to work with :-)) If I thought they were ok, I wouldn�?�´t need the diet now, would I :-))

So lets go!!!


next picture …

… and last one … for now

1st day:

Was ok, great in fact. No hunger and the shakes taste good (got Vanilla, Chocolate and Banana).

The superfood though tastes like sh.t … Do any of you have an idea to make that one taste better.

I tried it with a shake but then the shake tasted bad :-))

Well workout was fine (doing the beginner level) but I thought it quite easy …

… found out later that I did not do it right. Breaks too long, weight too little, of course it feels easy then …

So all in all a good start .

2nd day

Doing good. Had the NEPA after a long 14 hour work day. That really relaxed me.

I already realize this is going to be a struggle: I love eating solid foods (a good steak etc.). Alreay feel the craving for something solid.

Weight in at 82 kg this morning … loosing water I guess otherwise how come I weigh 1.3 kilo less than the day before :-)) but good feeling never the less

3rd day

Feeling a little hungry now … but not too bad.

At work I try to drink lots of green tea. Everybody in my team is looking at me funny. I used to be the first one going to lunch … hahaha and now only shakes.

Well so what.

2nd workout was much harder than on Monday but I guess that comes from doing it right (correct timing and weights). Still having fun and in a good mood …

Superfood still tastes bad though :-))

4th day

Just got home from work (7:30 pm) and will do the NEPA now on my bike … looking forward to that after some stressfull meetings with my CFO …

Looking forward to my bit of peanut butter in a chocolate shake … sometimes simple pleasures are the best

Good luck. It gets to be a routine so the time just burns past.

I cant taste the superfood in my shakes but i only eat chocolate so maybe thats why.

5th day

Well I do feel hungry and have indeed a craving for solid food (some eggs would be nice … on toast … hahaha) but I started this and will finish it.

Did my workout today and feeling good about it. Have the impression that the body is getting tighter but I am sure that is imagination.

One problem I forsee will be the shakes. I kind of get nauseated by vanilla alreay. Favorite right now is strawberry and banana. So will just mix it with Vanila …

6th day - weekend …

TGIF and no training. I did nothing all day (hahaha except NEPA) just stayed home and had my shakes.

I do feel a little light headed and some headaches in the morning, might be from the lack of solid food I don´t know. But as long as everything is all right, I keep on going.

My wife supports me, she always asks me if I am still on the diet. After the birth of our son she too is starting to see how she can get rid of her tummy. But being in China she tries massage (clever girl) although she says this special massage is no fun … he stomach burns from the treatment (I guess some sort of circulation treatment or whatever - Chinese think it will work …) Maybe next time for me too

7th day - V-burn challenge

I will use the Sunday to wrap up a little the week but first.

Just did my first V-burn today and even though I read many articles stating it is in fact harder than it looks on paper I thought I will get through it … I did but damn what a fight. Took me nearly 40 minutes (I thought 30 minutes tops) and I am sweating real bad … shower is waiting :slight_smile:

In the middle of it I felt like quitting and actually had to read some motivational material on this site to go on (thanks to you gals and guys). And I began doing the jumping jacks in front of a mirror - shirt off. That fat flying all around gave me another push. So here I am, done in but happy.

Well looking back at the week I got the following impressions:

  • This is a very hard diet and not to be taken lightly
  • It puts strain on your system so watch out
  • Craving for solid food is increasing - looking forward to my allowed meal tomorrow, going out with some guys - I guess a steak and veggies are in order, maybe some chicken to boost
  • The training for me at beginner level are just right. I finish my workouts really gasping for air (same with the v-burn) but there is fun and satisfaction in it too

Well yes I did cheat somewhat. I still had a small bottle of Pepsi in the fridge with I did not throw away. That is gone now and since I won´t by a new one no problem there
I did have a diet soda on Wednesday - just needed another taste in my mouth than protein shake, but diet sodas are allowed from time to time (as I read)
I skipped NEPA once, that will not happen again

So on to next week …

Ah yes: lost about 3 kilo (6.6 pounds) the first week - mostly water I guess but still, good motivation to go on.


Keep up the good work! The shakes definitely become routine, just drink them and be done with them. If you need a different taste, try some green tea. Works for us!

8th day - week 2

I finally had my healthy solid meal. I actually looked forward to it for the last 3 days … and it was really good.

Had some grilled chicken (left the skin - first time I have ever done that), a small portion of french fries (yes bad I know but I left the ketchup :-)), a whole plate of vegetables and a salad. All in all very, very good and filling.

Bad though, my scale today showed a slight increase in weight … I dont know where that comes from, but I am not really dismayed by it.

So on we go into round 2.


Don’t worry about the scale too much, the proof will be in the measurement. However, next week’s HSM try to leave out the french fries…substitute a sweet potato/yam or just skip the fries.

Good luck on week 2…it does get easier.

As far as your increased weight after your HSM, it makes full sense.

Obviously you’ve been consuming nothing but liquids for the last week, and then when you put solid food in you, what will happen is you’ll have food in your stomache. Don’t over think things bro, as that can get rough.

I would also suggest weighing yourself before your HSM! as weighing yourself after your HSM, you will have to expect 1-2 lbs of food/water.

When I do my carb cycling, on high carb days, the day after I usually weigh more, not because I put on fat. But because carbs pull in water, and food takes up space.

Keep kickin’ butt bro.

Thanks for all the feedback …

Yes sometimes I do overthink things … hahaha … and that about the french fries - I know its bad. Next time they will be substituted (thanks for the kick in the butt :-))

Diet is generally going fine, already lost some inches on my belly and that feels good.

The motivation I get from these pages is amazing.


Day 9

I had to switch my training from Monday to Tuesday but all went well. Today I will go back to the original schedule. Problem is my work load is not really planable (another petty excuse - hey).

So did my workout yesterday and felt good. Drank half the Surge right before training and I think that gave me a push. Never the less I was done in after the training (as I should be :-).

So on we go …


Day 10

Had a little trouble uploadig the last few days … connection to China must be not as stable as I wish :slight_smile:

Well the diet is still going good. I got rid of some of the side effects I had when starting (dizziness, slight headache) but after researching I guess these are normal in a very low carb diet.

Shakes get easier to drink in week 2 … although I really am looking forward to my solid meal again. I already know this will be the hard part --> to slowly tranistion to more of the solid meals and then the additional challenge of always eating clean (I do love pizza and stuff but tha does not fit to go in clean eating … hahaha at least not Pizza hut - which you can find here at almost every corner)

Off to workout now …


Day 11

Today was really a crappy day … not because of the diet but because of work. Well we all have those I imagine. I just got a workload dumped onto me that will involve 4 days(including weekend) work for a presentation for our CEO on Monday … shit happens. So I will need to rearrange my workout schedule a little.

Diet is no problem. I guess when you are determined it really doesnt matter to you what others think about you not going to lunch or dinner and having shakes all day instead of something else. Once I explaind what I am doing most of my colleagues looked a little strangely at me (well I dont blame them, this diet is not really ordinary) but they accepted it. They make some comments now and then but hey, we make fun of each other from time to time … so now it is just my turn. If I cant take a little good natured humor, that is my fault.

My scale did not show me any weight loss this morning … but again hey, after reading a little more I now subscribe to the view point, it is not the scale which is important but firstly the way I feel and secondly what the mirror tells me. And there I am quite satisfied. I will not loose all my fat on my belly and love handles but that was just naive thinking by myself (I realize now). But I will get where I want to and for the rest of the fat, well that will just take time.

So on I go … Stay strong


Day 12

Well into week 2 now and really looking forward to the solid meal on the weekend.

Challenge there will be a BBQ for a friend I am organizing … I know it will be really, really hard to stay away from the pasta and potato salad as well as from the BBQ-sauces :-))

Due to heavy workload at the office I will have to switch my workout to Saturday instead of Friday … but I will do that on Saturday morning so it shouldnt be a problem.

What is a problem though is that I skipped NEPA today … I need to prioritize them more. For me these are always a challenge because I dont like them. So I will kick myself in the butt and keep on doing them from now on. This is strike 2 (have also not done NEPA last week on one day). :-))

Otherwise all is fine.

Keep up the inspirational articles. I just read the interview with Pauline Nordin … and that gives motivation again. Wow the way she looks at things. Not really rocket science but a lot of common sense and even more determination!!! Respect. I can learn from that.

See you in the gym … and on the NEPA walk :slight_smile:


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