Finally Pulled the Trigger, Plazma and Micro-PA

I’ve been looking into buying a few things here. I liked what I saw, but there is always the skeptic in me. But I finally bit the bullet and purchased some Plazma and Micro-PA. I’m going in with an open mind and really hope it’s as good as it seems. I will say the posts by Mark Dugdale really helped me decide. I’ll give me honest and fair assessment when the time comes. I will give it enough time because I know nothing happens overnight.

Congrats, these are fantastic supplements!

Keep in mind supplements are just that, supplements. They are designed to assist an already stellar, CONSISTENT workout and nutrition program. So, in order to see these benefits, be sure every aspect of your nutrition and training is in line, and assess after a few months, at least 3 months I’d think. I’m not sure what you’d be skeptical about with these products, they’re pure and simply the best out there. With how many people there are on these forums that use and rave about these supplements, I assure you the only factor that would make these seem like they’re “not working” is the supplement USER.

Also, be sure you are actually tracking your progress, not just looking in the mirror. Take measurements, take pictures, collect DATA, so you can have an informed opinion.

The only people that don’t see benefits from these products are those who religiously stick to the supplement guidelines, but don’t train properly, or frequently enough, and/or those who don’t have consistent clean nutrition. Don’t expect to look like Mark Dugdale in 3 months. But, you should see some VERY nice changes if you’re programs are on point.

Good luck!

Been about a month, and what can I say? Skeptic no more. In fact I have picked up a few more bags, along with MAG-10. I guess the hype was really warranted, and I’m absolutely thrilled to say the least. I wish I would have taken a few “before” pics, but I’ll try to get some current pics up. But, in the meantime, I have gone from a BW of 164 to 171 and I have not gained an ounce of fat, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting leaner.

I’ve also have Micro-PA in the mix, so I’m sure that is helping. I think the best part of all this is that I finally stopped taking any sort of stimulants as that is usually loaded in every run-of-the-mill preworkout. But with plasma I feel amazing and do not have all the negatives that are usually associated with stims. A nice side effect is that I no longer have trouble sleeping as well.

So the long and short of it, I’ll be a customer for life. And if anyone is reading this and is on the fence, do yourself a favor and just try it. I contemplated it for a while and the only regret is that I did wait so long.

I’ll jump in as well and say absolutely if your on the fence stop being stupid and press the order button. Seriously, Plazma and MAG-10 are by far the best supplements out there. Doing 5/3/1 I hardly if ever have soreness now. I literally never want to workout without plazma again. I order way early now to make sure I don’t run out, lol.

Thanks Biotest and T-Nation for making it easy to want to go workout, I have been hitting PR’s left and right. Figured out too that all I have to do is mix my plazma at night before a workout in the morning, when I wake up the only thing I think of is getting up and getting to the gym.

Going to order Indigo with my order next week, can’t wait to start it!

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