Finally Doing It

Finally sucking it up and doing the V-Diet. A buddy of mine turned me on to the diet and the training and I have to admit that I’m excited about doing this. I’m all set up with my powders and supplements and actually, I just finished Day One. The shakes aren’t bad at all, but I need to definitely add some ice cubes.

My goal is to follow this diet to the T. Nothing to eat except for my HSM - no straying away from it whatsoever. This is going to be tough though. I’m only through Day One and I already have cravings. The hardest part is just being at home and making dinner for my boys. Being at work on the diet isn’t so bad, but in the short time I’ve been on the diet I’m already trying to find ways to occupy my mind.

In any case, I need to get my before pics taken as well as my measurements.

Wish me luck people. I’m going to need it.

Keep in mind that you are very nourished and are “eating” multiple times per day (drinking shakes, but still getting a high protein, healthy fats, and adequate though lowish-carbs.) With the addition of Flameout and Superfood, most people are actually more nourished on the V-Diet than they were on their solid food diets. What you’re feeling on day one is more habit than hunger. There is a difference.

Also, since the V-Diet is wheat and liquid-milk free, you are no longer targeting the opioid receptors in the brain with exorphins, which causes very real addictions to certain foods, like wheat. When you stop eating them, you actually go through minor withdrawal symptoms. But tough it out for about 3-4 days and everything gets easier after that. In fact, the most common question I hear is “Can’t I go for longer than 4 weeks since it feels easy now?” But you may not feel that the first few days!

Stay strong, learn to see the difference between hunger and habit, and it gets easier pretty quickly. Keep us posted!

Thanks Chris! I really appreciate your response and your helpful tips. I’m definitely starting to realize the difference between hunger and habit and I have to admit that I’m a bit shocked at how often habit comes in to play. It’s only Day 2 for me so I know I’ve got a long ways to go. However, I agree that posting everyday about how I’m doing is proving very helpful.

I hope to get my pics and measurements up tonight.

Quick thought for Day 3:

Blending ice with the shakes is a GAME CHANGER. Not sure how or why, but adding ice made the shake taste a lot better than before.

It was a bit tough getting up this morning to go for my walk, but I persevered and did it anyways. My ankles are still hurting a bit, but I’m not sure if that’s from the Warrior Dash I did last Saturday or just achy bones. My speed wasn’t as good as it was yesterday (hovered around 2.5 mph), but I’m hoping that goes up by next week.

My dumbass also forgot my supplements/powders when I drove in to work today. I’ve got other protein powder that I could use for my 2nd shake of the day, but I’m not too sure what I can do about the 3rd one. Also, I’m running dangerously low on vanilla powder. I ordered 2 more tubs yesterday but I don’t think they’ll get here until Friday. Gotta figure out what I can do in the meantime.

That is all.

Yesterday marked the end of my first week on the diet. There were some definite tough spots along the way, but I’m glad that I stuck through it. Yesterday also marked my first fitness test with regard to the circuit training. I’m happy to report that I after nearly 6 weeks of training I was actually able to finish all five sets of the circuit training.

I was definitely beat at the end, but not dying. Really stoked on this since it’s an obvious marker that I’m not wasting my time with the workouts. Hopefully I’ll be able to report a weight loss this week so that I can feel the same way about the diet part.

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