Final Velocity Diet Pictures


Final pictures from Day 0 (first day) to today (day 27). I have one more day left after today. I am so pleased with the results so far. I will take final measurements the morning of Day 29 and post back here.


From the back


From the side


Day 0 and Day 27 side by side.


That seems to be working awesomely! Keep on it the progress will come soon. You can even see the V-Line


Damn dude. Nice work.


Thanks aliveagain, a work in progress!


2 weeks after end of velocity diet. Weight is hovering between 233-235 every 4-5 day weigh in. I lost another inch around my waist, though. Almost down 6" on waist. Transition has been awesome, making good food choices and lots of Chris’ recipes which rock!


Great result! Really impressive. Thanks for sharing. I think I will try this velociy diet.