Final Questions Before Starting

Okay, message noted that I will stick only to the outlined supplements for the diet, good to go on that part now.

Last few questions as I’m getting started on Monday:

  1. Is there any specific meal timing that should be adhered to for pre/post training nutrition scheduling? I work an odd shift (usually about 8-10 hours a day off and on between noon and 1 AM), so I don’t always get my training in at the same time and it can vary. Here’s what I was thinking for my meal scheduling:

Wake at 11 AM
NEPA walk 5-10 minutes after waking up, about 30 minutes total time
Meal 1 about 30 minutes after walk is finished (around noon or slightly afterward)
Meal 2 about 3-3:30 PM
Meal 3 about 6:30-7 PM
Attempt to get to gym around 7:45 to 8 PM to stay on a schedule to get home by 9
Meal 4 PWO about 9:30 PM
Meal 5 about 11:30 PM
Meal 6 about 2:30 AM shortly before bed

Just curious if there is a better way to go about meal timing, as I definitely want to get the most out of this plan!

  1. Is it a huge deal to switch up 1-2 lifts in the program for something similar? Dips tend to irritate my right shoulder a bit, so I was hoping to look for an alternate movement in place of them, but I could probably make do for a month but would have to cut the added weight down to prevent injury (I’d probably otherwise put about 50 lbs. on for sets of 4-5) Just want to make sure I’m maximizing things with the lifts rather than give less than 100% due to needing to not go all-out with heavy dips.

  2. My front squat and overhead squat are both horrible right now (just starting to get some of my strength back after 7 years of dealing with severe lower back issues), I’ve got some strength coming back in core lifts, but being as those will be new all over again, I’ll have to train them VERY light to not let my form go to crap. So, will that be a detriment to progress if I end up just doing overhead squats with something like 135-155 lbs. even though my back squat would be about 365x5 in comparison right now?

Just checking, as it has been years since I’ve done either of those squat movements and I don’t want to sell myself short if going pretty light will cut my results a bit, just in case doing something else would be better.

  1. Booze - I don’t drink often any more, but I do enjoy 2-3 on Friday nights most weekends. I can cut it out completely if need be, but to ask, is it okay on the program to have maybe 2 diet rum & Cokes out, or a glass of scotch? Just wondering if a few drinks can be worked in without it being an issue, or, if going dry is definitely optimal.

If I’m overthinking all this, just say the word and I’ll keep it as simple as it’s outlined, but since this is what I hope to be the last diet/training plan I’ll want to use for cutting, I just want to make sure things are as good as possible right out the gate. Thanks for any input!

  1. Plan looks good. Looks like you’re making the best of a tough work day schedule.

  2. Not a big deal. Try out the unique set, rep, and loading schemes though. Very different and challenging. But switch to other good exercises if you’re working around some tricky areas.

  3. You can switch around the exercises if you need to, but I encourage you to try any of the newer lifts. Just the change and challenge of the unfamiliar exercise can trigger some accelerated progress.

  4. For best results, avoid booze. All fat burning comes to a halt when you drink, so it will slow results.

Thanks much, Chris - this takes care of my questions, now to enjoy a few last good meals out before making the quest to hit sub-10% bodyfat for the first time in my life. Never got below 12% before (and, with my frame, even at 190 lbs. I looked like I’d just escaped a prison camp for how small I was then from undereating and overtraining!), so I’m hoping to get from my current 15% down to finally getting rid of that little gut I’ve had for as long as I’ve been conscious of my existence. Looking forward to seeing what the next month will yield!

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