Fighting a Lot of Battles; Starting This One Today


Don’t know if anyone reads this, but thought I should try.

Starting the V-Diet today; M, 5,11, 252.0lbs. I will take some measurements later to post. My goal is 20lbs or really to get touch 230lbs. I have been going to the gym pretty regularly for years. Last 2-3 months I have finally gotten a personal trainer - a really good one at a really good gym.

I feel like I am for the first time training for real. Training is painful, and I am working on the ability to work through the pain - not to injury, but to be able to find the place where I can look beyond everything telling me I can’t do anymore.

I don’t have a fanatical hope or belief in this diet. Yes, I want it to work, yes there are other things that can/have worked in the past. The diet seemed radical enough that it will knock me out of my habits long enough to see some kind of progress. I don’t think (I have a weekly weight log going back several years) I have gotten below 230 - maybe once in college I did. I have always been overweight. As a kid you don’t think about it too much, and I never had the help or guidance to prevent it - I was told I will “grow out of it.”

Maybe in college when I really was training, seeing progress, etc. I could have kept it going, but that was also the start of the battle with crippling long-term depression. Maybe I will work through that in the log.

I am fighting lots of battles. Blame the depression, but I am not looking to win, I don’t see any real reward. Weight is one of the few things where I have the potential to have control over something in my life. The gym also seems like a place where the look of horror on my face can be attributed to a heavy lift and not inner turmoil. I am in a particular moment of crisis now, and praying it does not get worse - my fallback position is not a polite one to express.

Let’s see how I do.

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Survived day 28, now on to day 27;

Here were measurements from yesterday -

Neck: 17" 13/16
Shoulders: 48 15/16
Chest: 44 15/16
Waist AN: 46 14/16
Waste at Navel: 47 14/16
Wast BN: 48 8/16
Hips: 45 15/16
Upper Arm: 16
Upper Right leg: 30
Right calf: 17

I will do measurements and weigh in at the beginning of each week.

Feeling a little light-headed, I think because my first breakfast shake is around 6 - so maybe I should have my lunch shake earlier as my post-lunch shake was pretty close in time to dinner.

Did legs yesterday and today 100 light-leg presses and light cardio. Tomorrow chest and tri.

Are you following the V-Diet workout or doing your own?

Doing my own. Here what I think this week looks like:

Monday - Legs with trainer
Although I had a very good workout, I think she went a little gentle and spared me the 10x10 squats. Lots of 15-20 sets of presses, curls, lunges, etc.

Tuesday - Cardio on my own
100 light leg-press warm up followed by 30 min light cardio - I could have done HIIT but feeling a bit light headed.

Wednesday - Chest on my own
4 sets (Incline: Chest dumbbell press X15 followed by dumbbell fly X12)
3 sets (Barbell incline X 10 with 15 x wide-chest press)
3 sets (Seated shoulder press + dubbell rear delt fly)
3 sets (Incline Tricep extensions + tricep pull down)

I broke up my 6AM shake given that I was having plasma. 1 Scoop protein shake, pre-workout plasma, intra-workout plasma, 1 Scoop protein shake at work. Its almost noon and definitely not as light headed as yesterday.

Thursday I will do legs with big movements and Friday back with my trainer. If I can get in on Sunday I will also do something - haven’t decided yet.

Confessional - day 26

  • Had a cookie (2) yesterday because my blood sugar was too low - feeling better today
  • My dinners are pretty clean but may be more on the 800-900 side so I make my last shake 1 scoop.

Day 24

No log yesterday. Depression was pretty bad in the morning and on top of that I decided to weigh in but the scale hasn’t really moved (-0.5lbs).

Today I am sick with a cold so I could not go in for training. Still doing my best to stick to the diet and see where I am at my next weigh-in/measure on Monday.

Still trying to deal with a bit of hunger, staying hydrated, see where I am Monday. Hope I can know then that this is worth it continue.

Keep it up, the first few days of ultra low carb are the toughest.

Finishing day 21, so one week done.

I ended up getting a cold last thurs and stayed home Friday/Saturday so this messed up my gym routine on top of my depression not doing all that great.

I weighed in at 248.8 and while maybe I was hoping for more it is reasonable and my lowest weigh-in since December 23, 2013. The week was tough, but this was enough to justify keeping going.

Today was a strenuous back workout with my trainer, that was just manageable with Plazma. I will probably do cardio tomorrow, legs Wednesday, and chest Friday. Hope to get a weekend day in to.

My measurements are below. Maybe there is some barely significant change, but worth recording so I can estimate error in the measurement.

Neck: 17 3/16
Shoulders:49 15/16
Chest: 44 13/16
Waist handbreadth above navel: 45 15/16
Waist navel: 47 15/16
Waist handbreadth below navel: 48
Hips: 46
Upper arm: 15
Upper right leg: 27.5
Right calf: 17

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